The importance of a video surveillance security camera systems for property and / or personal safety

Video surveillance is a security camera systems and image transmission, placed in a public or private space to monitor it remotely in order to contribute to the security of property and / or people.

Net Soft Technology offers its customers solutions and products to create a remote monitoring system composed of three types of equipment:

Reception equipment: The camera which provides reception in the system. Depending on several factors such as the needs of the user and the budget allocated… it is necessary to choose the right cameras to film the areas to be monitored.

Management equipment: Equipment such as (DVR, NVR, servers, Software…) for the management of the video surveillance system and the exploitation of filmed images.

Display equipment: The “screen” monitor which displays the images filmed live by the cameras or recorded in the system.

There are two types of visualization:

  1. Fixed viewing: in the office on a television or on a PC.
  2. Mobile and remote viewing: via the Internet via PC, tablet and Smartphone.

Our company offers services tailored to customer needs:

24/7 monitoring that gives you an idea of ​​the network’s integrity with real-time measurements of your network’s optical routes.

Proactive maintenance: in- depth characterization of optical routes. Builds trend data for future analysis and tracking history.

Reduce operational costs: with optimized fault detection, location, allowing priority dispatch of repair teams to the repair site correctly.

Reports: allows you to be sent by email to individuals or groups at specific times. The reports cover many aspects.

Home alarm systems: home alarm systems in Chicago management, MMTR: dedicated SLA management report, and even the availability rate.

Monitoring of optical performance: and management by region, or even by client.

By guaranteeing you the best technical and economical solutions:

  • Design, study and access security camera systems.
  • Integration of video surveillance solutions (Analog and IP) and Access Control Chicago.
  • Training and maintenance on our video surveillance and access control systems.
  • Integration of vehicle tracking solutions by personnel number as well as control via


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