The importance of a strong marketing strategy

Why is a marketing strategy important? Put simply, a marketing strategy sets out your business goals. Including who your ideal customers are and how you intend to reach them. It’s your plan of action and the blueprint to the marketing activity you will do in the coming months and years to grow your business. All in all, it is a very very important investment for a business to make, no matter what it may do. Marketing strategy provides an organisation an edge over it’s competitors. Strategy helps in developing goods and services with best profit making potential.

Marketing is essential to any good business. It helps you reach and connect with your target audience. It ultimately is how you will grow your business in no end of ways. As a service, marketing is also something that can and will get you through the hardest of times in any stage of your business. This is why at any given time there will always be a need for a marketing agency.

Work out who your client base is

We can’t be all things to all people. From a marketing and sales perspective, there has to be a certain type of person or business that is the most likely to become a long-term customer. When you have someone specific in mind, you can take their fears, wants, needs, and desires. You can show them how your product or service will alleviate their fears. Also how it will meet their needs, and solve their problems. Marketing strategy defines your target customer/market so that you know exactly who needs your business.

Be clear on how you are unique in the market you are in

A major component of a strategy is determining who benefits from your product/service, how they benefit, and reasons to believe that benefit. Your business is better than your competitors’ businesses in some way and it uniquely benefits the people you serve. Defining these items strengthens your reason for being in business. It enables you to stand out among a sea of competitors.

Work out what kind of budget you will need

A marketing plan is how you promote your business throughout the year, and your marketing strategy informs your marketing plan. Your strategy defines what marketing channels you’ll use (print, social media, commercials, digital ads, direct mail, etc.) and your plan defines what activities you will do throughout the year within each channel and the timeline for doing those activities. Your strategy helps to ensure that the way you promote your company aligns with your overall goals. Also, it enables you to achieve the greatest value from your marketing.


When you have a clear understanding of who you are and know exactly how to talk about your business, you exude confidence and professionalism. When you are certain about who your customer is and how you will benefit that customer, you are able to focus your time, energy, and money reaching that customer. Your business will seem more professional because it is more professional with a marketing strategy in place. With marketing strategy, every activity you do, every action you take leads towards helping your customers solve their problems. A good strategy builds brand loyalty and customers for life while giving you a clear path. This is to follow and a concise way of explaining your value to others.