The Importance of a Great Security System for Self Storage Units

Safety and security are two of the biggest factors in owning any business and this is so true in the realm of the nerang storage unit owner. When having the care custody and control and charging a fee for that service of many people’s sometimes lives in one storage center it is imperative that a safe and secure environment be first on the list.


Everything else can fall by the wayside if the entire premises are not locked down and secure from the thieves of the criminal element of the world. Humans will always want to get something for free, this is basic human nature, yet some will go to great lengths to acquire things that they do not own. This is seen every day in the amount of shoplifting in the number of break-ins of self-storage units throughout the country and the world for that matter. It is therefore important that a good security system through a reputable company is secured and kept up to date at all times.


The names of the security companies out there have not changed for years and include Sonitrol, Guardian, and a host of others that will protect the units and do it for a reasonable fee. In these trying times of the worldly recession, the self-storage unit owner is not immune to rising costs and more and more vacant units. This does not sit well for the bottom line or for the accountant for that matter or the business owner of the self-storage units as safety and security are still the number one factors in owning any business but especially the self-storage business. Gone are the days where a padlock and a chain wrapped around the main gate will do as the criminal element has grown more sophisticated in its raiding of unsecured or lesser secured self-storage units.


The self-storage unit owner has taken into account that the criminal element is now a savvy bunch that will stop at nothing to secure what they feel is their livelihood, other people’s property. With this said the first step is to make sure that the perimeter of the entire self-storage unit premises is secured against outside intrusion. This could come from an eight- or nine-foot chain link fence that has razor wire or Constantine wire dappled on the top. This will at least thwart any night-time raids and serves as a very viable option on the security side of the self-storage unit owner. Secondly, once the fence is up and completes the next step would be to buy and purchase and install a lock for every single occupied self-storage unit.


An inventory of an available lock should be kept onsite in the office with fluctuating prices for those who cannot afford the twenty-to-thirty-dollar variety. And last of all the electronic security system should be offsite maintained, and will not be cut off by snipping the main control panel. Thieves have now become very high tech in robbing these units and this needs to be taken into consideration when deciding on the locks and security systems for these self-storage units.