The importance of a document translation feature

According to research, more than 6500 languages exist in this world. Each language has its significance though some languages are used more popularly than others. With all the chat messenger apps available online, it has become easier to communicate with friends and relatives living abroad. As an entrepreneur, it isn’t easy to attract international customers unless you can speak their language. NEEO Messenger is a real-time chat translation app that translates more than a hundred languages. Once the language issue is taken care of, users can take their business ventures to new heights. The free chat app has a document translation feature that can be used for a variety of purposes. Listed below are some of the reasons why an inbuilt document translation feature can prove to be a great asset to users:

  1. An exchange of legal documents:

Legal documents are often shared via chat messenger apps when they can’t be delivered physically. This only solves part of the problem if the person receiving the documents is unable to read them. Language barriers can come in the way of online communication. A real-time chat translation feature is needed to translate documents on the spot. This saves a lot of time and effort since users don’t have to look for separate software for translating their documents.

  • Academic assignments and notes:

In the past few years, methods of attaining quality education have evolved. Students can communicate with professors and fellow students via online chat apps. The exchange of notes and assignments is convenient but since there is a greater focus on the written word, some students tend to suffer. Due to language barriers, their struggle to achieve good grades becomes harder. A lot of time is wasted trying to understand notes which other students who are more familiar with the language can understand within a matter of seconds.

  • Teaching material:

A document translation feature is essential for students but it is even more necessary for teachers and professors. Students from different parts of the world opt for online courses and often they don’t share a common language. Teachers often need to be bilingual or even multilingual while trying to explain certain concepts. Also, teachers’ notes are not always available in the language of their choice. They need a document translation app to translate notes and syllabus outlines right away.

  • Financial records and receipts:

Receipts exchanged between employers, employees, customers, and clients need to be clear and concise. If there are language barriers, businesses are likely to suffer unless they have a concrete solution for the problem. A document translation feature can be extremely useful for a businessman who has to maintain cross-border ties. Financial matters can be dealt with instantly when there is clarity on what to do and how it has to be done.

  • Information for traveling:

Tour guides and tourists often have to go through certain important documents while they are traveling. But these documents that are meant to help tourists are only useful if they can understand the language being used. As a tourist if you have to go through a manual you can’t understand, you will inevitably get frustrated. You need to be able to understand all the material your travel agent shares with you.  With a real-time chat translation app, you can translate every word exchanged between you and your tourist guide.

  • Documents in the field of business:

Documents are exchanged frequently while doing business. Tradesmen have clients connecting from different parts of the world. The exchange of documents is an integral part of the business but misunderstandings can arise due to language differences. Documents need to be translated word for word so there is no room for inaccurate interpretation and communication goes smoothly within an organization.

  • Relief for the avid reader:

People often exchange reading material with each other for the sake of sharing information or for leisure reading. Sometimes you might not be able to understand the content that was shared with you. This is where you need a feature that can translate the document to your language. Several famous works of literature have been written in different languages. However, it would be very unfortunate if we were unable to read them just because we don’t understand the language. A document translation feature can be quite helpful in this case. Documents need to be translated now and then which is why a document translation feature can prove to be extremely useful. Users can translate documents instantly using their chat messenger apps. NEEO Messenger’s real-time chat translation feature helps users maintain cross-border ties. The app also has a nearby feature that helps users stay connected with their neighbors. NEEO users can make crystal clear calls to their loved ones. You can experience a happening social life with NEEO.