The Impact of Online Education on the Old School Paradigm

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Online education can bring a lot to the table, but according to a recent report, it still can’t replace the current school paradigm.


However, the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown proved online education can be sustainable in the civilized world, where children and students have easy access to internet and technology. On the other side, the sudden shift uncovered a few problem areas and showed that most of us are not yet ready to make the change permanent.


In this article, we are going to do a quick comparison between online and face-to-face schooling and we’re going to list some of the most powerful benefits of online education.

Online Vs Face-to-Face Schooling

According to the aforementioned report, many faculty and academic leaders consider online education to be subpar to face-to-face education. It’s also a matter of quality since many students and teachers value regular and substantive student-instructor interactivity.


However, online education is not just about watching a series of pre-recorded videos or studying materials without guidance. Some platforms offer access to qualified instructors via email or video conferences.


Still, the responsibility of learning and asking questions is placed mostly on the student. As a result, students who lack self-discipline or learning motivation will drop out or remain behind, which does result in poor assimilation of the subject.


In face-to-face schooling, the responsibility is shared by both teacher and student. Furthermore, teachers are incentivized to push their students towards improvement through various methods (reviews, financial gain, reputation, and more). In addition, students often feel pressured by their peers to prove themselves and participate in debates and competitions.

The Benefit of Online Education

While it may be a while before we can see the full potential of online learning, there are benefits no one can deny.


Right now, the people who benefit the most are the ones interested in continuing, improving, or expanding their education. For instance, someone interested in becoming an educator or getting better at teaching can take online courses in education. Also, someone interested in gaining a better understanding of the technological world has the option of extending their knowledge with various online classes.


Another amazing benefit is access. Online education opened the doors of world-famous universities to students all over the world without the cost of living and transport. As such, anyone can attend a Harvard or Princeton class from the comfort of their home.


Lastly, online learning platforms are flexible and provide access to a customized learning experience. Unlike face-to-face schooling where the schedule is often rigid and the curriculum is inflexible, online classes accommodate every student’s needs. Whether you’re working and can’t take classes during the day or you are anxious about social gatherings, now you have the opportunity to learn at your own pace.

Wrap Up

We are still far from a world where everyone shares the learning experience online. Furthermore, we may never get there as technologies change and evolve all the time. Still, right now, online learning platforms and their resources have an important role in the way we perceive access to education.


Due to e-learning, more people can now pursue a degree in their chosen field and have a better chance at succeeding in their professional path.


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