The impact of Covid 19 on Cars in Canada

Deadly infectious diseases like Coronavirus (Covid-19) have been a major source of worry for every country. The Impact of Covid-19 on the Cars Industry in Canada which is one of the world’s top car-producing countries has caused global concern. The Canadian automobile market is an important market that attracts billions dollars’ worth of cars and components each year. Since 2019, when coronavirus first appeared, automakers across North America are facing different problems regarding its impact on sales and manufacturing operations.

The cars industry or the automotive market in Canada has experienced significant changes in three years since covid-19 came into effect. With that, let’s dive right into it and look at what changes covid-19 has brought about, how they’ve impacted the current landscape of cars and the automobile sector in Canada, and where we think things will go from here!

Spike in Contactless buying and Selling after Covid-19

There has been a spike in people preferring to sell and buy cars without making physical contact with their sellers or buyers. People seem to be afraid of getting infected by viruses like Covid-19 which is believed to be spread through touch, sneezing, coughing, etc. while shaking hands. The introduction of online means of buying, selling, and even renting out vehicles has made things easier for buyers as well as sellers. The idea that every transaction is completed online gives customers in particular a sense of security that they are not going to get infected with any virus during transactions.

Increased Demand for Electric Vehicles

With a recent uptick in cases of covid-19, more people have started to look at electric vehicles as a safe option. The impact of covid 19 on cars in Canada has been quite positive. No long lines at gas stations, no smog-filled air, and no annoying pump jockeys all make for a much safer car environment. Not only are EVs good for you, but they also save you money!

With Current advances in Electric Vehicle technology, there is a high expectation that EVs will become cheaper than their gasoline counterparts within 5 years. There is a huge demand for electric vehicles after covid-19 in Canada because people now avoid getting strain from long queues at fuel stations.

Easy Contactless Valet Parking

Contact-less car valet parking is an innovation. This technology allows cars to be parked without any human intervention, improving service and decreasing labor costs. Some cities have embraced contact-less valet parking, while others have not yet taken advantage of it. Contact-less Valet Parking is the best option for anyone looking for a safe and efficient way to park their vehicle at any location.

The use of this service is boosted in Canada after the pandemic has already spread over, meaning many citizens will be reluctant to get closer to any human beings who might have been exposed. Contact-less Valet Parking eliminates that problem, providing a secure and sanitary way for Canadians to park their vehicles.

Shortage of Auto parts due to Pandemic lockdown

The shortage of auto parts could be especially costly to automakers that are heavily dependent on parts imports. Canadian carmakers like General Motors and Ford Motor Company have factories throughout North America, but they rely on Asian suppliers for many critical components. If shipments of these products become unreliable due to border closures or shipping delays, vehicle production would come under serious pressure. This would lead to shortages in new vehicles which would put a dent in sales volumes across all manufacturers.

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