The immigration Lawyers in Vancouver

Immigration is a complex field of law that is continuously evolving. Immigration lawyers aim to keep up with the latest trends and new rules. Clients hire their attorneys to navigate complicated legislation and the necessary measures to deal with business or personal immigration legislation.

The facilities in Immigration

Immigration attorney Vancouver bc consults with companies and other employers to help clients learn about the legal steps that need to be taken before key workers are brought to work in Canada. They will support the necessary documentation on immigration and determine how immigration law will impact their business transactions.

Immigration lawyers identify Immigration attorney Vancouver bc why a foreign national cannot access Canada and advise on eligibility and options for overcoming those obstacles, if appropriate (e.g., criminal inadmissibility issues). Immigration attorney Vancouver bc has the required government documents and counsel their canada immigration lawyer Vancouver customers who need professional staff to tackle labor shortages in Canada and support client strategies to retain legal status in Canada.

Immigration lawyers often work with people to help them understand the measures needed to sponsor a loved one, whether they may qualify as a permanent resident in Canada (an area of law that frequently changes) and who assess immigration officials for the admission or other relevant matters of immigration into Canada of a person. Immigration lawyers may also counsel best immigration lawyer Vancouver consumers on the process of getting permanent residency, work permits, research permits, and family reunification after evaluation has been carried out.

Utilization of services

Best Lawyers’ recognition is entirely dependent on peer review. Our approach aims to capture the consensus of leading lawyers on their colleagues’ professional skills in the same geographical area and the area of law as reliably as possible.

Best Lawyers employ a dynamic, conscientious, rational, and straightforward survey process to produce meaningful and practical assessments of legal services quality. The standard of a peer-review survey has always been our opinion that it is immigration lawyer vancouver bc directly connected with the voters’ quality. Suppose you apply for a simple visit to Canada, a job, or a permanent resident to live here. In that case, an immigration law vancouver bc is good to help you navigate the nuances of migratory law. At the Acumen Law Corporation, we know-how and are committed to making the process possible to maximize your chances of success.

Sponsoring of the family

We will see whether you can sponsor a relative living in Canada or be sponsored by that relative. It is for you to sign promising financial support for the individual you invest in joining a loved one living outside the country. For three to 10 years, you are ultimately responsible for this person’s finances.

You must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident in Canada to sponsor anybody. You cannot support anyone while you’re on social assistance, but disability assistance is an exception. You will have to show that you have sufficient income to help those you and their dependents’ finances. You will have additional steps and paperwork to complete after your application has been completed. A mandatory medical exam for your family members is one of these measures. After all, has been created, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada online Portal enables you to check the application process.


You could be refused a visa to enter Canada for several reasons. For several aspects, the government evaluates potential Canadian tourists. Any of these seems obvious; for instance, because of criminal inadmissibility, the visa application could be denied. There are less clear explanations for other reasons. For example, if the government feels that you or your family in Canada cannot support yourself or your family, a visa could be refused because of financial reasons.

Distinguished from other refused visas due to an aspect of criminality is criminal inadmissibility. Your admissibility decision can depend on the Canadian equivalent of the crime you were in the conviction of outside your country.