The Ideal Bassinet Buying Guide for Your Baby

baby bassinett

Buying the right bassinet mattress is vital for the health of your baby. Purchasing a comfortable, durable, and safe mattress for your baby can be complicated. Before you head to the shop, do your own research first and determine what you should be looking for at the store. Doing some research beforehand can save you a lot of time, and you will be able to buy the right bassinet mattress cover for your baby. Below are some tips that will help you to make the right decision-

1. The Right Firmness 

Extremely firm might be uncomfortable for your baby, you need a mattress that is firm enough to provide the right back support to the baby. Additionally, the report suggests that soft surface results in suffocation hazards for infants and boost the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. This is why babies should not be laid down on an adult mattress during sleeping. You can opt for the double-sized mattress as it will provide your baby with long-term comfort.

2. Assess Your Options 

There is an array of bassinet mattress cover options available for you that include organic models, innerspring, and foam. Invest time to understand how each of these mattresses works and problems associated with them so you can make a well-informed choice. Medical research suggests that chemicals left on the mattress after manufacturing can pose serious health hazards. Since babies spend a better part of their time in the crib, it is better that you opt for an organic mattress. This way, they will be safe from chemicals that might have resulted in health issues.

3. Opt for Independent Certification

All mattresses have to meet certain safety standards depending on the country. So look for mattresses and expert guidelines from tech news that meet your country’s safety guidelines. Bassinets that hold independent certification can offer peace of mind, especially when investing a substantial amount of money in buying one. Look out for mattresses that are marked with a “100% organic” label and have been certified by a particular interest group.

4. Quality Investment 

A quality bassinet mattress should be able to stay in the house for a really long time. Bassinet mattress covers can be quite expensive, with the cost ranging between USD 250 to 300. So make sure your investment is worth that kind of money. Don’t compromise on the quality in order to save some money.

5. Get the Right Sized 

In order to ensure safety, the bassinet mattress pad should be a perfect fit for the bassinet. There should no more than 2 figure spaces between the frame and the mattress. If the space is bigger than that, your baby can get trapped and cause suffocation or injury.  Typically bassinet mattresses come in standard sizes, but they can vary. Make sure you measure the bassinet before you go out to but the mattress so that you can get the size right. Additionally, look for small reinforced holes in the mattress along the sides, as they are ventilation holes that provide increased airflow and prevent odor, mildew, and mold build-up.