The Humble Instrument- Flute

One of the oldest instrument still prevailing and used in all cultures, flutes are known to be the humble instrument in the family of instruments. The oldest flute found in a cave near Ulm, Germany, is an aid to be 3500 years old by the experts, and many other countries have recorded finding the old age flutes. This is proof that our ancestors also had a keen interest in this instrument. This instrument is said to be used in ancient times for communication with people and cattle. There are several cultures where flute holds a prominent place, especially in Asian countries. But with the discovery of ancient flutes in countries all around the world, one cannot think that it was not popular among other people as well. 

The flute was made from bones and the from wood and bamboo, and now, one can find flute in any material, be it copper-nickel, silver or gold.

The sound quality of the flute depends on the material used. Today we see all the orchestra using flutes, and we know the names of famous flutists. People are also interested in learning these humble instruments because the serenity that the music gives you is unmatchable. 

Here is why people choose flute over other instruments:

The flute is said to be the most versatile instrument of all. It can blend with any other instrument while maintaining its own individuality. The sound of the flute is so mesmerising that the audience gets lost in the melody. 

  • Learning the flute will help with your breathing. The flute is a wind instrument. For the notes to be clear, you need to practise breathing that will ultimately improve with time. You will observe a change in your breathing process and find that playing the flute has helped you to breathe properly. 
  • The flute will help you to shift to any other instrument easily that involves the same hand movement. So if one learns to play the flute, one can easily transit to other instruments. You might decide in between to learn a new instrument for the sake of learning something new. You will not have to start from scratch because you are already good with flute. 
  • The flute is easy to carry around as it is one of the lightest instruments used in an orchestra. You look and violin, guitars, piano and all other heavy instruments and realise how difficult it is to carry them around. Yes, you can carry violins and guitars, but they take a lot of space. At the same time, you can just keep the flute in the bag that you are already carrying.
  • Flutes produce the sweetest music that any other instrument can play. This makes it more special. People listen to flute music to relax and get into a sense of peace. Imagine how harmonious it will be for the one who is playing this instrument. The melody that will reach our ears will make us forget our surroundings and enjoy ourselves. We can also play the flute anytime, anywhere because no one will get disturbed by the melodious sound of this instrument.