The hoax of free press release distribution services

Wherever the word ‘free’ comes into play with relation to an online service, the audience gets automatically tempted to abandon all rational decision making and hastily run towards it. The same is the case with free press release distribution services. At first, they seem to be an easy PR tactic, but that is not the case because PR experts advise themselves on avoiding free press release distribution services or, at least, be extremely cautious. In contrast, their paid alternative is said to offer a far better experience and is also quoted to bring in far better results.

The reality of the ‘free to use’ experience

Press release distribution sites that advertise themselves to be free of cost are in reality offering little to nothing in exchange. The majority of the time these sites do not distribute the press release to news media outlets and instead post the press release on their site, for a very limited amount of time. Free press release distribution services websites reel in an audience with their free tag, but after they have signed up, the audience is hit with several additional fee notifications. They offer various services in the name of “additional fees”. The services could range from extending the minimal time period of a post to adding live links in the release.

Free release websites might seem tempting, but experts always suggest against them. Google, which is considered by most as the king of the web, labels free press release distribution services as spam. If hard work has been done on a press release and in return, fruitful results are desired, then spending some money on a respectable press release service is not a bad idea.

The superiority of the paid press release services

An authentic, paid press release service has more credibility amongst the media outlets and journalists. These services help a press release by getting them in front of actual journalists. This results in getting publication of a press release in the best and the most revered news outlets. The best press release distribution services offer automatic publication of press releases in dozens of online news outlets, which are also highly ranked. With the guarantee of publication in high ranking websites, it becomes apparent that a press release will start showing up in significant search engine results.    

The best press release distribution services, in most cases, provide a measurement report of each press release. This helps the user in getting valuable insight into the reach of their press release.

For any well-written press release, it is a must go for paid press release services. Not only are they cost-efficient, but they also help a press release in getting a legitimate media presence. If any business is looking to expand its reach and is trying to gain exposure outside of their usual circle, then a paid press release distribution is a must.


The use of free press release distribution is nothing but a futile attempt at digital marketing. All the rumours about free press releases being productive and fruitful are nothing but hoaxes. In reality, they hold no value and are a waste of time. That is why, if you want results and legitimate outputs, a paid press release service is the way to go. Only with paid services will you get accurate results.