The High Performance Chess Academy That Can Help Your Child To Progress Faster In Chess

Chess has been a popular game for centuries. The game is more than a game of strategy, quick thinking and planning. It is also a great tool for improving cognitive skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity. In this article we explain the benefits of chess for children and why it should be considered a form of education in chess academy, although some schools already incorporate it into their activities.

The benefits and advantages of chess for children

Children who play chess have been shown to have better social skills, better problem solving, and spatial intelligence. Chess is a game that anyone of any age can play. It is not only a game of strategy, but also of logic and decision making. It also teaches children to think ahead, plan their actions carefully, and think about the possible outcomes of their actions.

In addition to entertainment, chess brings more benefits to the player. Children who play games are more likely to be successful in school because they are better and more capable problem solvers while improving their social skills. For this reason, the Alberto Chueca High Performance Chess Academy offers this September the last 10 places for new students to learn and perfect chess. Chess is becoming more and more popular due to the many benefits of the sport and the benefits it offers to children. A chess coach for children of all ages makes it possible to practice this discipline and allow them to acquire many skills.

If children acquire the habit of playing chess, we can say that we are laying the foundations to be able to improve all their abilities. Chess also allows you to learn to study your opponent, which also involves the development of certain mental skills. That is, understanding how the adversary behaves when we take the action, and how he can handle the moment and understand the reaction that the adversary provides.

Thanks to chess, children will learn to think strategically and plan ahead. It also teaches patience and self -control by requiring players to think about their next move before making the next move. Chess can help you with reading comprehension, math skills; improve memory, concentration, spatial awareness, and creativity. It also improves social skills as players are known to need to interact with others while playing the game. By playing chess, children develop confidence and self-esteem, which is an important boost. This is a game that requires strategy and ingenuity to play.

It could be said that chess is one of the most complete disciplines that exist.

Because when it comes to playing chess, you can’t play chess carefree in your comfort zone, at least not until you reach a certain level. This means that you should always be on your toes and know what your opponent is doing, so that you can also put all your mental knowledge to work.

The psychology of chess can be divided into three parts:

  • Tactics: How does it affect the player’s movements?
  • Motivation: How does it affect the player’s mood?
  • Strategy: How does it affect the player’s decision making?

If we develop these skills from an early age with the help of chess coach, we are laying the foundation to give children very effective tools for the future. He is not a conscientious student, but he acquires all the necessary skills that he will possess once he reaches adulthood. And all this can be done with chess, a discipline that has been in the spotlight for thousands of years. Furthermore, chess trains a universal language, namely thinking, patience and strategy. It is always a good time to start taking steps to instill the nobility of chess. Starting a course to practice it is a great stimulus for any child, and it will provide them with a range of skills that will be very useful for tomorrow.

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