The Hidden Mystery Behind Book Boxes-Read it

Never have you ever heard of specialized book boxes and what you can do with it as a book publisher? Let us tell you stuff you will never forget. Stuff that will, in fact, bring you loads of money, and business and your books will be sold ‘because of their cover’. It is definitely a thing of the past when people said: “never judge a book by its cover”. It is no longer the case, in fact, the better the cover, the more irrelevant what is inside becoming. Attention to the boxes is very important since that cover is going to be selling your books!

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Back in the day, the content inside the book, the name and the story has such a big role to play in a book’s success. With developing marketing, social media and all of these platforms emerging, the book boxes have become equally important. Themed packaging, a good material to feel, material and design that looks good in photos, this all has become a priority. Packaging speaks volumes about your product, and book loves are keen on sharing everything about the book with everyone in their circle who could be a prospective buyer. Make sure that what you design is for the people the book is written for. Not the age or gender or occupation, but the taste and type.

Tear To Reveal Book

If you need inspiration or ideas to create interesting packaging for books, you need to read on. The ideas that will take your books from great to extraordinary because of their brilliant packaging are not so com. One idea that will be exceptional for your books no matter what type they are is to create a paper packaging, rough paper, with a rough look and feel. Mark it with lines where you want the reader to tear the layer of packaging as one would peel an orange! Book packaging boxes with innovative opening styles can be very popular among geeks.

Themed Bookmark – No Waste Book Boxes

Have you ever considered publishing a book with a valuable message? If not, now is the time because most people have no idea how to sell a good message. Everyone, every reader likes a little extra in their books. Mystery gifts, notes and items from the books and chapters hold a lot of value to the readers. What is, the box of your book is printed in a way that when you cut it all along the lines, you end up with lots of themed bookmarks from the story!

Every single ready will appreciate and in fact, LOVE this idea of having so many bookmarks straight out of the book. And not just the bookmarks, you will have zero waste once you open the book; the box will not go to waste.

Kraft Paper Boxes for Books

Comic custom book boxes are loved and cherished by coming book lovers. They hold these boxes very precious to them for a long time. They don’t throw them away and they always keep them. The mystery in this is that these boxes remain with the comic lovers their entire lives so make the design worth the while. Pick a material that stays new for a long time. The people who love their comics like to share them for reading, if the designs are wonderful, the activity becomes more interesting for them, and the process becomes easy.

Dual Magazine Holder Box

Selling and designing a box for novels may be easy as you have a theme and a story to play with. Designing cases for books that are meant for magazines is a whole lot of challenges. Of course, one won’t always send out coupons and freebies so think out of the box. One brilliant idea that you can use is to cut a box in a diagonal line in two parts in a way that they resemble two magazine cases. You magazines now have a custom magazine holder! Your brand label and your magazines now remind in the focus all the time and they reach new readers just because of the holder.

Comic Books Set Box

Book sets are a lot of fun when one person is looking for a series and they invest in merchandise. This experience can be enhanced by creating interesting cardboard book boxes in different designs. Choose sturdy materials and versatile designs. Sometimes less is more and since comic books are already very busy maybe you will have to tone down the design a bit. The busier the design, the messier it becomes, so make sure this is not the case with your custom book box for comics.

Moving Boxes and Shipping Boxes

Boxes not only are for single books but are also made for the safe shipping of the books from point A to point B. Such boxes are made of light yet sturdy and heavy-duty material. The most favorite of all the logistics people is Kraft material. Book boxes for moving made from Kraft are practically the best because of the cost, properties and availability. After the use, they can be easily folded and put safely for later reuse.

Stackable Boxes for Books

Everyone knows that when the stuff is moving, it faces a lot of risks of damage, which is mostly because of the stacking of items over items. Books may be strong enough and can take more stacking than most items, but they need to remain looking new which means that there must be appropriate layers of packaging on the books. In that case, stackable book boxes with a strong built and the capacity to carry weight and not lose their shape are extremely useful. Appropriate care instructions around it, fragile stickers and all the necessary information on them and your books are good to go for not only shipping but also storage. The books inside will remain looking new and the boxes wont collapse if the selection of the material is right.

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