The Heavenly Spots For Coffee Lovers In Munich, Germany

Almost all the travelers love taking the sips of coffee while traveling. It is because coffee is the optimal item to ward of the traveling fatigue. There are several places in the world where the tourists can get the best type of coffee.

Munich is one such place that is popular for its coffee culture. It attracts people from all origins who come here with Saudi Airlines Online Booking to experience the different tastes of coffee. From Cappuccino and Espresso to Robusta and Arabica, this German city has everything at its disposal. Our today’s article will focus on the popular coffee spots in Munich for the people who really want to break the beans. We hope that this list of places will motivate you to go to one of coffee shops.

1.      JB Kaffe

JB here stands for Johannes Bayer. He is the person who started selling coffee. It is believed that he used a small roaster from Vits to roast the first ever coffee. Currently, the café has a number of branches not only in Germany but also in the other countries. The JB Kaffe is one such branch in Munich where the visitors can try the extremely delectable Bean Batter. The place is a viral hotspot for the people who want to taste the sweet and savory waffles. The pastrami, mustard concoction and the red onions are the favorites for everyone. So, whatever you want, you can get at JB Kaffe.

2.      Man versus Machine

Man versus is a recognizable brand and is famous for the independent coffee roasters. They have brand logo of a black crocodile, which can be seen on their bags, mugs, and wallpapers. Currently, they have three locations in the Munich alone. Their mysterious coffee is not an ordinary thing. Rather it is something that will give you goose bumps. The moment you enter inside the café, you will be surrounded by the extremely hospitable guys who would want to fulfill all of your dining wishes. The winning combination of coffee here is with flat white and a sweet pastry.

3.      Emilo Kaffe

Emilo was founded in 2012 and is still the best-known brands in Munich when it comes to coffee. It has a range of cafes that serve the exotic coffee all across the city. Emilo has two primary stores that are acclaimed for roasting coffee: the emilo WESTEND and emilo GlOCKENBACH. Apart from coffee, they also make highly delicious German cakes with chocolate and hazelnuts. They are usually made in the form of triangular shortbread. Surprisingly, if the visitors want to take something home, they are offered with elegant coffee bags, which are perfect to make the ideal coffee during your traveling.

4.      Pacande

Pacande has been created after a perfect pairing. It is currently being run by two people: the Colombian copywriter Ana, who belongs to one of the primary coffee-growing regions in the world, and Andreas, who is an engineer by profession and roasts the coffee in unique ways. Together they both have created Pacande that works with the coffee-makers of different countries, thereby offering a wide range of coffee flavors. One of their points is located in Sendling, a shop market in Munich. Taking the sips of coffee while listening to the stories of the will leave a permanent image on your mind and soul.

5.      Kaffeerösterei Viktualienmarkt with Cheap Flights

It is certainly very difficult to pronounce this word, but you should not have to worry because it has magical coffee flavors for you. It a busy stall in the open air food market of Munich. You will also see the crowds of people waiting for their turn of coffee. The strong espresso and doppio offer a much needed respite from the hustle and bustle of city. In addition to coffee, they also offer the creamy biscuits with milk and white chocolate. So, if you want to sustain your sugar intake, coming to Kaffeerösterei Viktualienmarkt with Cheap Flights is your answer.

6.      Vits der Kaffe

Vits der Kaffe is only a few meters away from Isator. It is basically a coffee roaster with an adjacent café. This was the first place that started roasting beans in Munich. It was founded by Alexander Vits, who toured to various countries to get the exemplary flavors of coffee. Currently, the brand is selling the coffees all around the world. In Munich, the café comes with a spacious outdoor seating arrangement. It is a best spot for relaxing and getting peace of mind. The interior of the café is the combination of green and white. If you ask them, you will also offer you the coffee of mixed flavors.


These coffee roasters are the best in town. They will certainly force you to visit them again and again. So, if you have decided to check the coffee beans of Munich, go to to book the flight ticket

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