The Health Benefits of Vaping Cannabis

Not even that long ago, people who smoked cannabis were portrayed as lazy outcasts who completely lacked the ambition to achieve anything in life. The times have changed, and now we hear that even athletes smoke cannabis. Although you are likely to hear that cannabis is great for any medical condition imaginable, comments of marijuana enthusiasts aside, cannabis can really have a positive impact on your health.


The Difference Between CBD And THC


Before we examine the benefits of using cannabis, we should first explain a few things. There are actually hundreds of different compounds in cannabis plants.


The scientists isolate certain compounds so that those who don’t want to get high can reap the benefits of CBD. Recently we have seen CBD products become extremely popular even in places where weed is still illegal. That’s because CBD has no psychoactive properties, or, in other words, it won’t make you high. However, there’s a reason why so many people are keen on CBD products. That’s because CBD has a wide array of positive effects on our brains and bodies.


THC is another compound that can be found in a cannabis plant. Numerous studies have found out that it can help people with various medical conditions, but it also has psychoactive properties, meaning it can get you high. That’s why it remains illegal in many countries. However, even if weed is illegal in your country, it might be possible to find CBD products with small amounts of THC. It won’t be enough to make you high, but thanks to the Entourage effect, the positive effects will be more noticeable.


Benefits of THC and CBD


As it was stated previously, both CBD and THC have a plethora of benefits. Among them are:


  • Pain relief. Millions of Americans are using cannabis products as a tool for pain management. That’s because the side effects of both CBD are not dangerous, whereas THC is mostly safe. Opioids, on the other hand, which are drugs that are often prescribed by the doctors without a second thought, often lead to addiction and have ruinous effects on the patient’s life. Cannabis, especially with high THC content can be addictive as well, but it is much safer than the most commonly used opioids. It means that smoking cannabis can be a safer alternative for people who live in constant pain.
  • Cannabis is also great for dealing with anxiety, though we recommended strains that are higher in CBD than in THC. The studies have shown that CBD has calming effects. It can be used if you are stressed, and would like to relax for a bit. Its use is not limited to humans – you can give it to your dog as well!
  • THC and CBD are also great for people with depression. That’s because they can make mundane activities more interesting. Depressed people often cannot imagine doing seemingly things like washing dishes or taking a shower. However, the effects of cannabis can make it easier for them to find the necessary motivation to deal with the chores.
  • Apart from helping people who are struggling with depression, THC can also help those who cannot force them to exercise more regularly. That’s because – let’s be honest – everything seems more interesting when you are high. However, if smoking a joint before a workout seems to you like a good idea, you should remember that your ability to act in a timely manner is impaired when you are high. That’s why it’s best to stick to exercises on an elliptical or on a treadmill where there are no speeding cars that could hit you.


What Is The Best Way of Consuming Cannabis?


There is no simple answer to this question, as it really depends on what your priorities are. Do you want to feel the effects quickly, which might be especially important if you are dealing with intense pain? In this case, vaping would be the best option. This way, it will take only

several minutes to feel relief.


Just be careful! THC vape oil can be surprisingly strong, even if you are an experienced marijuana enthusiast. It’s important to know when enough is enough. Otherwise, you can find yourself drifting in outer space, wondering whether time can be eaten like a cake.


On the other hand, if you don’t want to feel the effect almost instantly, but you would like to experience it for a really long time, then edibles might be a better option. You would have to digest the edible first, and in an hour after consumption, you will start noticing the first effects.


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