The guidelines for website optimization for B2B

The online presence plays an important role in brand-building and company recognition. B2B companies should now incorporate SEO into their marketing plans. Business leaders are becoming aware of the importance of optimizing websites. If they fail to implement SEO, it can lead to an eventual loss of position.

It is, therefore, essential to promote B2B in search engine results. The issue is that not everyone is an expert in the area. Additionally, B2C optimizers don’t always successfully convert and dig into the business specifics, which doesn’t have the best effect on conversions from B2B. This is why it is often beneficial to use an experienced and reputable b2b seo agency to assist your company. To help you further, we’ve put together an instructional article on how to market online B2B.

B2B vs. B2C: differences in optimization

Search engine optimization can be distinct for B2B and B2C websites. This is the case for the manufacturing industry in particular.

The employees of a third-party company can view the website’s content. When you are working on the SEO strategy, you must understand that the website content is likely to be reviewed by engineers, CEOs, and procurement specialists. Your content should be easy to understand and practical for everyone who visits your website.

Facts here prevail over emotion. B2C marketing strategies focus on the emotional impression of each client. A person’s emotions can affect their choice to purchase a B2C product. B2B marketing does not operate through an emotional method. Customers want to see solid content based on numbers and facts, backed up by advantages over competitors.

This is where lower-frequency keywords are utilized. Industrial companies are often restricted in their reach. Keywords used in the manufacturing industry are, therefore, low-frequency but have a high value. There aren’t many people searching for the things you produce. However, they’re all wholesalers. The value of each customer visiting your website is higher than the value of the most popular keywords. So, choosing keywords to use for B2B promotion must take longer.

It is not possible to convert immediately. Manufacturing companies take longer to make their decisions. After optimizing, you should not expect an accelerated rise in conversions on a B2B site.

The practice of industry is essential. The website’s information reflects the expertise of the company in its area of expertise. Content should present you as a prominent professional in the field. SEO for niches of production should be able to demonstrate your leadership.

When working on B2B websites, we wish to convince users and search engines that we are experts in our field and have the ability to resolve any issues. This is accomplished through the creation of service pages (information about the business or its services, case studies and the process) and a commercial. Information pages are designed to draw the attention of the user and encourage him/her to eventually order the service.

SEO marketing for manufacturing companies’ websites similar to any website, consists of several steps.

  • A review of technical aspects of the website is done to identify any issues that may cause delays in secure and speedy access to the site. Experts review the website’s mobile and desktop versions, the speed of loading pages, XML sitemap, broken pages, etc.
  • Off-page optimization is about attracting more traffic from outside. Off-page optimization is often understood as link building.
  • On-page optimization focuses on pages’ content, keyword selection, headlines, and meta tags optimization.

If your company is located in a specific region, it is worth setting up a profile with Google My Business. This will enable the search engine to showcase your company in accordance with the location of your business.

SEO strategy for B2B companies

Promoting is usually about the achievement of common goals. However, the usage of the same tools may be different based on the particulars of your business.

Manufacturing companies should concentrate on the current diversity of content. This is a must:

  • Be aware when picking topics. Themes can be searched to develop content on your page in different places. Similar Queries is a Google element that appears on the first page of search results. It provides information about the most popular queries that relate to this topic.
  • Understanding your user’s intent. Advertisements are often at the top of the list. The mere fact that there are advertisements does not guarantee that there will be conversions for this keyword.
  • Searching for keywords can be time-consuming. The more relevant keywords you can find (especially ones with a low frequency), the more important they are.

Clicking on any query will provide the user with a concise answer along with a link to the relevant page. You can expand the topics of your website’s content to answer questions from users.

Google will consider your website trustworthy and reliable If it’s part of the Similar queries block. Google doesn’t reveal the algorithm that was used to get into this block. However, it is true that the Similar queries section usually contains pages that appear in the answers block. This is a zero snippet that appears in the results of basic questions.

Google Trends is another way to look up topics. This tool allows you to examine the popularity of related queries and show the dynamic of topic popularity. The tool displays an interactive map of the countries of interest as well as the popularity of each region. Google Trends also offers a block for similar queries.

Information: Only those pages that appear at the top of search results can be included in the block. Pages should be optimized for specific queries. Text on pages should contain one paragraph (up to 50 words) that provides a concise response to the question. If the query begins with the phrase “What is SEO?”, the paragraph should contain the following definition: SEO means… If it’s a How to …? query, you can describe the main steps briefly and mark them with titles such as h2, or even h3.

How do you effectively promote your B2B website?

Specific vocabulary for each field

It is important to keep a balance between professional terminology and queries utilized by your intended group of customers. Even experts sometimes enter simple keywords into the search bar instead of using more specific terms.

Website structure and functionality

The design of a manufacturing company website is composed of many pages that allow you to draw more visitors. To create a structure, one needs to collect detailed semantics, including the lowest-frequency queries (even zero ones). Then create a structure that has its foundation in the core cluster. Pages for categories, products as well as services are included.

Your website must be distinguished by its simplicity and clarity. It should be simple to navigate and include information about the company, the main services offered, and products. You can also include testimonials and logos of your most prominent customers.

There are alternative methods of communication other than phone and email – you can install an app, messenger, or feedback forms. If you send product cards, be sure to include detailed description codes, numbers, specifications, as well as video reviews.

Standard strategies for increasing the number of inbound links to websites are not enough. Marketing and SEO experts should collaborate on this. What other solutions could be utilized to boost inbound links besides the standard ones?

Get the links from Wikipedia

Check out the Wikipedia articles that rank the highest on the exact same query as your blog page. If your blog’s content is that isn’t on Wikipedia – bingo! Copy the link and wait for confirmation.

Remember that Wikipedia links have the attribute nofollow. However Google accepts their worth, and the links bring more traffic.

Contact director of conferences and conference directors of professional forums

Major event organizers compile a list of participants, which is later published on websites and printed in brochures. Although it is not usually cost-free to be included on the lists but premium members can choose to join and be at the top of the list. It is not required to attend the event.

Write articles for professional journals online and offline. This way, you can increase your visibility, create the image of an expert in your field and also draw in traffic.

Long sales cycles

The process of making decisions for manufacturing companies can be very long. It takes a long time to find an appropriate contractor and sign an agreement. When creating content, be sure to pay focus on the introduction to your company, clear description of products and services, as well as the blog.

Your overall marketing strategy should focus on building brand awareness.


  • B2B-website traffic will hardly increase drastically. But If you wish for traffic to be a gradual flow and visitors to convert into leads, you must to develop material that is available to both experts and process managers.
  • SEO optimization in an industrial field takes a long time.
  • Don’t be afraid to become an expert in your area and increase brand awareness.
  • You may need to use non-standard link-building tools, and take part in forums, conference exhibitions, and offline workshops. And remember to manage your backlinks with the Linkbox tool.
  • It is important to consider the needs of each business when developing an industrial SEO strategy.