The growing trend of Nephropathy and what to expect in a Naturopathic Consultation

A human body has quite an effective immune system that fights the different injection and virus that cause a person to fall sick. Apart from a strong immune system, the human body possesses an astonishing ability to heal itself, for example, many of us get cuts on our fingers then scab forms, and in few days our skin is the same. There are many treatments that are based on the concept that a human body is quite tough and has the ability to heal on its own.

Naturopathy is a form of alternative medicine with a holistic approach to fitness and well-being. The term naturopathy has two parts ‚Äėnatura‚Äô which is from Latin language meaning (birth) and ‚Äėpathos‚Äô which means suffering in Greek. The word ‚Äėnaturopathy‚Äô means ‚Äėnatural feeling‚Äô, and it is a procedure that involves use of natural remedies instead of any medicine or invasive methods of treatment. The main emphasis of naturopathy is to help the body to heal itself by use of different natural treatment and therapies which includes herbal treatment, massage, acupuncture, exercise, and nutritional counseling. Naturopathy combines the traditional methods of treatment with modern scientific methods.

Naturopathy is performed by a qualified medical person called a naturopath or a naturopathic doctor who spends considerable time on the patient as compared to an ordinary physician or doctor. In the initial conversation, the naturopath will know about your current health concerns, the diet you are taking, and other lifestyle habits.

In the naturopathic consultation, a proper and detail examination is done where the naturopath will spend nearly 3 hours and perform a thorough assessment of your health. The naturopath will know about your health history, family history, the signs and symptoms of the problem you are facing, any previous treatment, the medicines you are taking, your exercising routine, and other lifestyle habits. The steps that a naturopath will take in the consultation session are

  • Health profile

The naturopath will make a detailed analysis of your health and determine not only the symptoms but the root cause of your medical problem or condition.

  • Diet plan

The naturopath will give dietary advice or plan based on your current health and lifestyle habits. The naturopath will ask you to take herbal medicine and other natural supplements to restore and maintain optimal health.

  • Blood test

One of the easy and best ways to determine an illness is through a blood test also called haematology. A blood report can easily determine the underlying cause of illness and whether particular organs are functioning efficiently or not.

  • Iridology

One of the key steps is iridology where a naturopath will examine the eyes and iris which will help him to know health issues and amount of toxicity in the body.

At the end of the consultation session, the naturopath will give you tips and recommendation of particular diet, exercise and stress management. The naturopath will also ask for a range of complementary medicine treatment which includes herbal treatment, homeopathy, acupuncture, nutritional counseling, and massage.

The naturopathic treatment is suitable for wide range of health issues such as headaches, allergies, obesity, hormonal imbalance, fertility issues, chronic pain, and digestive problems. A naturopath may prescribe certain medicines which can boost your health along with the natural remedies. One consultation may not deliver quick results, and you may be asked to attend weekly or monthly sessions so that the naturopath can evaluate your progress and may even alter the treatment plan. The naturopath will discuss a nutritional and herbal prescription with some dietary modifications that are suitable for both short term and long term goals.

The main reason for poor health may be due to imbalance in the physiological system of the body and require a person to regularly follow a treatment plan. The advantages of naturopathy are

  • It focuses on disease prevention

The best thing about naturopathy is that it emphasizes the underlying cause of a health problem and look for natural remedy that can enhance the self-healing ability of the body rather than any pain medication.

  • Assist in all kinds of health issues that a person has

The naturopathic treatment can be used for assistance in different kinds of medical conditions such as hormonal imbalance, indigestion, sleep disorders, allergies, cardiovascular problems, skin conditions, arthritis, migraines, and stress.

  • It involves non-invasive treatment methods

The naturopath uses non-invasive treatment and conventional therapies that can lead to enhance the body’s self-healing ability. Certain types of natural supplements and whole foods are used to provide constant nourishment to the body. There are many naturopaths who work alongside pharmacists and devise a treatment plan which is tailored to suit your health needs.

  • The consultation sessions are affordable

The consultation session is not expensive and can be afforded by most people. A typical consultation session cost $ 75 to $100.

It can be quite a overwhelming task to combine naturopathy with conventional treatment methods, but it is possible with the help of expert naturopaths, pharmacists, and general practitioners.

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Olivia Andrew is a professional writer and writes for a different online magazine and covers various topics from health, fashion, and sports. She gives numerous effective tips and instructions for people. She recently wrote on the growing popularity of naturopathic consultation and how people can find relief.