The growing importance of apps in business consultancy

A consultant’s job is quite diverse. You’re not only consulting but also managing other aspects of the job, such as client prospecting and project management. You’re probably doing a lot of this on your own, especially if you run your consultancy or small business—all while striving to acquire new clients and complete projects.  

With tons of tasks at hand, the simplest and most effective method to simplify your work life is to do something that sounds simple but usually is not: pick the appropriate tools. Certain business apps are popular, and there are dozens of them available. So how can you get started and learn what’s best for you?

Your business should improve communication with clients, partners, and prospects and recognize the value of developing strong connections and use the appropriate technologies to accomplish it. Almost every consultant is required to juggle several different parts of the business. The following is a list of the various types of business consultancy apps to give you an idea of how they might benefit you.

1. Management of client relationships

Your primary source of up-to-date client information should be a customer relationship management (CRM) solution. Your success, particularly as a consultant, is contingent upon your ability to earn the trust of those you advise and coach.

Having a client-focused app isn’t just about having a collection of data stored somewhere —it’s about using that data to learn more about your clients and, eventually, establish a closer relationship with them. Additionally, the critical nature of client account management should be apt for a consultant app.  In these instances, Customer Relationship Management enables you to consolidate various contacts within the client organization into a single account without re-onboard the entire client organization.

2. Communications 

Every consultant requires a communications solution that enables them to stay connected with clients and team members when on the go. If you work with customers throughout the world, you may be required to travel to their location for work. Still, more often than not (particularly during COVID-19), most of a consultant’s work is performed remotely and heavily relies on video conferencing. A solution that enables this and other modes of communication (such as text, instant messaging, or phone) would significantly improve the ease with which clients may contact you.

3. Management of projects

Keeping a project within its scope and completing it on time and under budget is what makes a consultant’s time profitable. A project management solution that enables real-time monitoring of milestones and capacity while also keeping an eye on resource allocation and margins can assist you in managing projects effectively—and with no unpleasant surprises afterward.

Often, a client’s faith in your capacity to manage their project is contingent upon who leads your team. If you operate a consulting business, an efficient project management application can assist you in tracking your team’s productivity and matching incoming work to the appropriate individual skill sets on your team.

4. Management of proposals

When a request for proposal (RFP) is received (with little time allocated for response), the right proposal management tool can help you streamline the process of organizing recommendations, create timelines, and put together estimates, allowing you to focus on billing hours.

A solid proposal management platform will include capabilities such as real-time collaboration with other contributors, information and analytics into your client’s interaction with your filed proposal, and the option to personalize your recommendation to ensure it is continuously on-brand.

5. Management of time

The majority of professionals struggle with effectively tracking their time. They fail to do so when spending hours checking emails or waiting in meetings. So, a more viable approach is to have a consultant app that maintains the schedule and track of all activities. Consider the intricacy of your business, your budget, and the effort required to keep the app current when deciding on business consultant apps for the organization.

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