The great results to expect from PDO thread lifts

A PDO thread lift can be expected to offer instant results that will actually improve over the span of two to three months after your treatment. Results appear as early as one week after the procedure with full results in a few weeks. PDO thread lifts are completely dissolvable. This is where and how they are also unique to you in terms of how they also work for you too.

How do thread lifts work?

A PDO Thread Lift as a treatment is relatively quick, nonsurgical procedure. It is one that uses facial threads to improve facial aging concerns, like volume loss and sagging skin. It also includes Crow’s feet around the eyes, smile lines, and droopy jowls. So, what are facial threads, and how are they used in a PDO thread lift? To perform a PDO threading procedure, dissolvable PDO (polydioxanone) threads are gently placed into the selected areas of skin. The threads lift and tighten the face to produce a smoother facial appearance. PDO threading also promotes collagen and elastin production, which helps boost your youthful results over time.

Thread lift recovery time

In general, thread lifting does not involve extensive downtime following the procedure. After a PDO thread lift, you should rest at home for a couple of days. You may experience mild swelling, bruising, and discomfort, which should subside within several days.

You can expect to see the added benefits for time to come

Also, you will probably see some initial firming and lifting right after your procedure, with your thread lift face results continuing to take shape over the next three weeks or so. As your body begins to naturally generate collagen, your tightened, lifted outcomes should continue to improve for the next few months. But many patients want to know: How long do thread lift results last? Typically, you can enjoy your new, rejuvenated look for about 12 – 18 months.


If you want a smoother, tightened facial appearance without having surgery, a nonsurgical PDO thread lift may be ideal to address your goals. This innovative treatment can provide long-lasting results within just a few weeks of your procedure. What is great is there is a lot of info out there should you not be so sure what works. This can also ensure you know what you want doing on and to your skin. This is a great treatment after all.