The Graphic Package and their Purpose

The graphics packages are used to manipulate images and create various images. You can also digitize and create visually appealing images that can convey the message or information to the target market. Graphic designers actually intend to increase productivity and branding efforts. Graphics designers utilize various tool

s to produce stylish images and layouts to appeal to consumers. The graphic design agency did one simple way to identify all the requirements to know your requirements.

Different brands actually have defined various colors and logos to define the brand message. These images actually become the face of the brand, these images can be a shape, a word, or a sign to describe the brand message. The graphics packages provide graphic designers with all the necessities at one platform to perform various operations.

Adobe Photoshop:

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most used graphic packages around the world. It is used to edit images and produce various types of banners and website images. You can create various topographic images and convert images according to your own balance and harmony. This is the main reason that Adobe Photoshop is a commonly used program. The interface is easily understandable to users and simple to add various features to the images like the topography and style.

Corel Photo Paint:

The Corel photo-paint can adjust, including the images to create the purpose according to your brand. You can create the original bitmap image with the Corel photo-paint. You can convert the various files into various file types like SVG, JPEG, JPG, and WebP relative to your requirement. You can create the best quality JPEG images in the Corel photo paint. 


The Picasa package is owned by Google and it is used to organize, edit and reshape digital snaps. There are an interesting array of features added in the image editing software for cropping, straightening, and adjusting the backgrounds. You can change and remodel the lighting, color, contrast, and sharpness of the images. The simple features are free of cost and you can use them without any background knowledge of the app.

MS Paint:

The MS Paint comes with all versions of the Windows OS. The higher version of windows does contain better features and an improved version of the paintbrush. This is an open-source graphic platform and the new version of windows has a much better feature to edit images. You can also create images with the assistance of the simple interface. If you are an expert on the paintbrush, you can use it in place of Photoshop.


Krita is developed for artists for digital drawing and for image editing. The Krita is a specific tool for the painting and provides support to the artist to develop digitally enhanced images. It is an open-source photo editor and specifically uses 3-D and interactive images. You don’t need to know all the pros and cons of graphics designing to use Krita. The Krita is open-source software free of cost and developed mainly for artists.


The graphics packages are developed to support the artist and graphic designers. Software like photoshop and Corel draw is developed mainly for graphics designers. On the other hand, the Krita and Picasa were developed for the artist. MS paint is developed for everybody to edit and create new images.