The Global Impact Of Corona Virus On The Educational System

The effect of coronavirus on school systems presents a challenging time for all students, teachers, and the administration. The way of life changes will affect society for a very long time and this first wave is making things difficult to adjust to. While it is important to focus on your well being during this pandemic, what about the students that are graduating? How are schools coping? Here’s the current global impact of the coronavirus on the educational system.  


Closing Off Institutions


As health officials and authorities find ways to fight against the effects of the virus, institutions are taking further action by closing off their halls and sending students home. The educational disruption due to the virus is a real problem as millions of students around the world face challenges on how they can cope with their learning and requirements. However, closing down schools for the sake of the common good isn’t a new thing. What’s new with this closure is the fact that its speed swept everyone away. What happens to international students in colleges? Where do they go?  Students and parents are in a state of panic because none of these situations are normal and it may not be normal for a while. If the situation is prolonged it could potentially threaten people’s rights to have a proper education. 


Shifting To Remote Education


The next best solution to keep the wheels turning is to use alternative methods such as online classes. The application called “Zoom” has increased in popularity over the past few months due to its ease of use and it’s the ability to allow multiple participants at the same time. It also features a screen sharing functionality that works well for meetings and presentations. Many schools have been using this app to conduct classes remotely and with a lot of success. It’s very easy to use, intuitive and it couldn’t come at a better time. 


Many teachers that conduct online classes are changing up their routine as well. Implementing new materials digitally and investing in new innovations to help teach classes properly has been a trend also. The goal with this is to keep the students’ attention. Unlike normal classes, the teacher is unable to monitor the student at all times. It’s up to the class and teachers to work together. Similar to classes in a classroom setup, it’s still up to the effort of the student.


Free Online Programs And Parental Care


If one wants to further their learning but are not enrolled in a school system, tons of free online programs are available. No one should be short on the ability to learn during the pandemic and these free online courses are the next best thing. Various topics can be covered with these free educational tools. All you need is a stable connection and a laptop or mobile device to get started. 


Alternatively, younger children can benefit from parental care. Even if online classes are open, navigating these classes without proper guidance can be difficult. This is especially helpful for younger children who have no knowledge of how to use a computer. 


New Disease Prevention Guidelines


Being sick nowadays is being taken very seriously. Since the virus is silent until a full-blown infection occurs, it can be hard to determine who’s infected and who’s carrying the virus within their system. It’s better to be cautious at this time rather than take the risk and infect an entire population. The best resource for information about the coronavirus is on CDC’s official website and your local government. These plans are carefully curated for all the public to see and understand. It’s up to you to make an effort to prevent the spread of the coronavirus until further notice or until a proper vaccine is produced.


As for the new normal, masks, face shields, and proper hygiene are a must. Extra measures are required to prevent a second wave should the lockdown and quarantine be lifted. Small efforts like these are not guaranteed to eradicate the virus but it can help speed up potential recovery rates. This can also be in line with mass testing procedures for saturated areas and densely populated zones. 

Key Takeaway


The impact of coronavirus on school systems will forever change society. Learning shouldn’t be a challenge but with the pandemic and social distancing, it can become difficult for some. Although shutting down a school for public health isn’t an entirely foreign concept, the rapid rate of closures has disrupted millions of students and teachers. Without a proper vaccine, this online system may become the new normal for a while. However, many institutions and teachers are working hard to create an effective online classroom so students can continue their educational path.