The Future of Hearing: The Top 5 Hearing Aids with Bluetooth

Hearing aids first hit the market in 1913, but their portability between then and now is light years different.

Smartphones, televisions, speakers, and other technological advancements have all upgraded to Bluetooth capabilities. But what makes hearing aids with Bluetooth so advanced?

The wireless hearing aid industry has grown exponentially. You might understand what Bluetooth technology provides, but when it comes to hearing aids it’s a bit different.

Hearing Aids with Bluetooth

Hearing aids and Bluetooth have a technologically advanced relationship in comparison to other hearing aids.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is used in hearing aids to reduce power consumption while keeping connected. Most Bluetooth compatible devices experience significant battery drainage when operating via Bluetooth. This isn’t the case with hearing aids.

These hearing aids communicate using two Bluetooth channels that link to a smartphone or other electronic device.

1. Oticon Opn 1

Run through the Velox Platform, the Oticon Opn 1 provides an experience for those individuals with an active lifestyle.

These hearing aids scan the environment 56,000 times a second. The OpenSound Navigator operating system is elite in picking up speech in all directions. It can even filter out unwanted sounds.

Its Bluetooth capabilities include MFi technology compatible with iPhone. For Android or other Bluetooth devices, you’ll need to use an Oticon Connect Clip.

2. ReSound LiNX Quattro

If you’re looking for quality sound, the ReSound LiNX Quattro is the answer.

These hearing aids with Bluetooth offer a dynamic range of 116 dB. This creates a full/complete sound spectrum.

To enhance the sound even more, the Quattro is backed by Binaural Directionality III and Spatial Sense linking the ears and brain to help locate sound no matter the direction.

The hearing aid’s case provides three full charges if it’s fully charged. Each charge should last a full 24 hours of any day.

3. Unitron Discover

Unitron is focused on providing a fit that you love and can go anywhere with.

Their Discover model was designed around that notion. A solid fit is backed by SoundNav 3.0, Sound Conductor, speech, and other helpful technology.

Focus is highlighted in providing seven different hearing situations based on conversational differences.

4. Miracle-Ear Genius RIC

Contrary to other hearing aids with Bluetooth, the Miracle-Ear has technology that is compatible with both Apple and Android.

An intriguing capability of this device is its specific compatibility with watching television. This receiver is also very discrete since it’s a receiver-in-canal hearing aid.

Using the Miracle-Ear app, users have full customizability. From tinnitus features to feedback reduction and even noise control, Miracle-Ear has it all.

5. Beltone Legend 9

The last hearing aid we’ll discuss is the Belton Legend 9.

This product is versatile with almost every smartphone, tablet, or other technological device.

The Beltone hearing aid streamer operates under “channels” with 14 available. This will help customize hearing preferences with a push of a button. You’ll also have the ability to load preset hearing aid preferences for situational hearing.

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