the foremost divided would have barely of bitterness to examine

World Cup 2022: before France-Morocco, the assured conclusion of binational supporters WHO “will carry the 2 flags”
Some can support the Moroccan surprise guest. Others, the France team that has already created them vibrate. And there are those that won’t make a choice between the 2 formations, throughout this historic duel, on a weekday evening.
“I’ve continually wished to examine a gathering between my 2 countries in an exceedingly major competition. the very fact that it’s attainable within the semi-finals of a tournament is the icing on the cake.” As France and Morocco battle it out for an area within the tournament final in Qatar on a weekday, December fourteen at eight p.m., Talal savors this historic moment, having spent the 2 teams’ matches on Sat, “curled au fait the couch”. French, the son of Moroccans, approaches this meeting as a celebration, like several twin nationals, WHO is knowledgeable about the decision for testimonies from franceinfo, needing to tell however they expertise the event.

Before weekday evening, the course of the Atlas Lions stunned. “When I saw the group”, including Hrvatska and European nation, “I aforementioned to myself that we tend to were still getting to be knocked call at the primary round”, remembers Ahmed. Eventually, Morocco forced through, and sound out European nations and European nations within the method, whereas France conjointly advanced within the tournament. “I had ne’er screamed most in my life,” laughs Yassine, WHO enchained Sat the 2 conferences Morocco-Portugal (1-0) and France-England (2-1).

A rarer chance for Morocco
For different Franco-Moroccans, loyal supporters of the Blues, interest in Walid Regragui’s team has big over the matches. “I did not understand the players in any respect, however from the primary spherical against Hrvatska, I saw that they were giving one thing sensible,” remembers Maria, WHO expects a “balanced” confrontation on a weekday evening.

Before the semi-final, there area unit those that see the glass as 0.5 empty, like Ahmed, WHO would have liked his 2 hearts to fulfill within the last match of the tournament on Sunday. however, the overall feeling is summed up by Talal: “Whatever happens, I even have a team that may play the final”. Still, they’ll be separated. Among the supporters interviewed by franceinfo, nobody contains a terribly clear-cut feeling. Yasmina leans slightly for Morocco, wherever she sees the illustration of “the power of the collective”. Maria needs to examine win “an outsider country, that has ne’er shone sportingly”.

“France has already won 2 World Cups (1998 and 2018). If it wins a 3rd, we’ll all be happy. however, in terms of emotions, a conclusion for Morocco would be utterly totally different,” aforementioned Mahound. “It would be a historic accomplishment for a complete continent and therefore the entire Arab world.” Even the foremost divided would have barely of bitterness to examine the journey of Morocco to come back to associate degree finish, the primary country to succeed in this stage throughout a tournament.

A selection typically not possible to form ahead
“For me, it’s sorrowful. I’ll be happy and unhappy at a similar time”, regardless of the result, explains Ahmed. He estimates it to be “55% for France”. His body gave him a clue on Saturday: he had “the ball in his stomach” throughout the 2 games, however “it was stronger throughout France-England”. it is a question of soccer memories: “In 1998, I was 18, the France team was the philosophical system, and it absolutely was extremely the instant once I felt that I used to be French”.

Talal conjointly thinks that his love of the Blues can prevail, he WHO was a gift altogether their matches in Russia four years agone. “But can I am going to Morocco if they open the evaluation on the hour mark? Finally, I’ll conclude concerning it live, it’s one thing visceral”. Like him, Yassine contains an onerous time deciding beforehand, once he can pay for the meeting in an exceedingly bar in all probability nonheritable by the Blues: “I do not see myself jumping and celebrating a goal from one or the opposite team”.

Sometimes, it’s among a similar family that the sentiments diverge. “I’m additional on the facet of France, my better half on the facet of Morocco, as a result of she arrived older and has additional ties there,” explains Hamadi. The latter expects a “lively” evening around the TV.

A context weighed down by politics
Struggling with an enclosed quandary, these Franco-Moroccans have understood that some build it a political issue. “I was asked WHO I might be for. once I say I do not understand, some friends frown and tell me: ‘I do not perceive, you must be for France’, Yassine gets aggravated. ‘annoys that I can not do what I want. many reactionist politicians have criticized the French for celebrating Morocco’s victories. Farah, WHO does not have a TV, does not understand wherever to look at Wednesday’s game nevertheless. She thought of getting to the restaurant in her village of five hundred inhabitants, however, admits “to be a touch frightened of racism”.

The relationship to nationality is additionally a theme of discussion between Franco-Moroccans. because the 2 groups compete, Hamadi was stunned on Sat to examine different members of the diaspora decorating their homes within the colors of Morocco alone. He was enraptured by it on a WhatsApp cluster and “it caused a debate”. “I have 2 kids aged four and eight, it is important to ME that they establish with France,” he explains. however, most do not see the necessity to make a decision. “This question, we tend to raise all twin nationals, since they were little”, annoys Yasmina. “It’s as if I were asked to settle on between my father and my mother,” she says, as comedian Jamel Debbouze has already summed au fait Bein. Questioned by her colleagues, Farah explained to them that she couldn’t deny her origins. “I’m happy with it and each group’s area unit in my heart. I believe they got it.”

During this semi-final that nobody expected, the feeling won’t be commanded. So, on Tuesday, Mahound flew to Qatar. He ‘jumped at the chance and located the remaining tickets for France’s last 2 games. “A semi-final with my 2 favorite groups, the ultimate four with Morocco in it… I do not understand if I have the chance to examine that once more.” “I can carry each flag”, he announces, whereas the arena ought to clearly lean towards Morocco.
An evening underneath shut police investigation. On the eve of the semi-final of the soccer tournament which can oppose France and Morocco, the Minister of the inside, Gérald Darmanin, proclaimed on weekday December thirteen that “10,000 police and gendarmes” are going to be mobilized throughout France, “including five,000” within the Paris region, to border the celebrations on the sidelines of the meeting.

In detail, “2,200 police and gendarmes are going to be mobilized in Paris”, in step with the minister’s gathering, against 1,500 last Sat throughout the qualification of Morocco and France within the semi-finals. it’ll be an issue of “framing these typically family demonstrations of joy, in an exceeding context of the terrorist threat”, declared Gérald Darmanin. On Sat in Paris, 20,000 folks gathered on the Champs-Elysées to celebrate Morocco’s qualification for the semi-finals, then that of France. There had been 100 arrests within the capital. At the national level, one hundred seventy arrests had been recorded.

“Fight” against “the phenomena of delinquency”
The security system placed in situ in Paris is thus notably necessary around the Champs-Elysées, “in order to stop any disturbance to public order possible to be generated by supporters and to fight against all the phenomena of delinquency”, a processed, weekday morning, the Paris police station, that proclaimed that “the police can guarantee an evident and discouraging presence”.

The objective is additionally to avoid “traffic congestion” in this sector. this can be why “several access gates to Paris via the bypass are going to be closed from ten p.m. (Porte Delaware la Muette, Porte Maillot, Porte des Ternes, {porte|Porte|Sublime Porte|court|royal court} Dauphine and Porte Delaware Champerret)” and “Specific vigilance are going to be placed in situ on the subsequent lines and stations: line one and RER A between Charles-de-Gaulle Etoile and Châtelet, Charles-de-Gaulle Etoile, George V, Franklin D.Roosevelt, Champs-Elysées Georges Eugene Benjamin Clemenceau, Concorde stations”.

For their half, most of the prefects of the departments of France have issued orders to “supervise and secure spontaneous gatherings on the general public highway”. several have prohibited the consumption and sale of alcohol for a weekday evening, also as “the possession and use of fireworks, rockets, and firecrackers” or “pyrotechnic devices”. this can be as an example the case within the river, the Puy-de-Dôme, or the Pas-de-Calais.