The foolproof guide to tax resolution

You may owe money to the IRS – money that has accumulated over the years and turned into substantial debt. If you have to repay the Internal Revenue Service for your owed money, you may want to work with an organization that can help you find solutions to your debt problems. 

The importance of tax resolution

What is the tax resolution?

Tax resolution is a blanket term for services, programs, and opportunities that help American taxpayers when they owe money to the Internal Revenue Service. Also known as IRS Representation, tax recovery, or tax controversy, tax resolution services are crucial to every citizen staying out of debt and getting a good credit score.

Most tax resolution services include lien relief, levy relief, penalty abatement, and other tax benefits that can help citizens avoid hefty penalties and legal trouble.

Benefits of using a tax resolution service

There are many reasons why individuals will benefit from tax resolution services and why corporations should offer these benefits to consumers.

  • You will have a middleman when communicating with the IRS – if you find the IRS is scary and confusing, you are similar to much of America. When tax season rolls arounds, thousands of Americans have trouble filing taxes, get nervous about filing for tax breaks, and dread letters in the mail from the IRS. To prevent having to deal with them directly, tax resolution services provide a way for overwhelmed taxpayers to avoid having to interact with the Internal REvenue Service.
  • You gain knowledge about taxes – When communicating with professionals at a tax resolution service, you inadvertently learn more about the filing process of taxes, helping you stay on top of your taxes in future years. 
  • Help resolve tax issues – Another benefit of using a tax resolution service is the potential to solve tax concerns easier and quicker. If you decide to take tax matters into your own hands, you may be overwhelmed with hundreds of pieces of paper and legal terms you are unfamiliar with. With tax resolution services, you can get the problems solved faster and avoid the IRS contacting you later. 
  • Earn a better deal – With tax resolution services, there is a greater chance of getting a better deal when it comes to negotiating with the IRS or filing your taxes. When looking for tax breaks, using a professional helps you find the discounts you can receive related to your specific occupation and income status. 

What is tax relief?

Using tax resolution services can help ease your financial burden and stress by planning ways for you to pay back owed money to the IRS. Tax relief is the process of setting up a payment plan or negotiation with the Internal Revenue service to make it easier on the power to pay back money on their own time.

If you owe thousands of dollars in tax money for the past few years, using a tax resolution service helps you organize your owed money into a payment plan to prevent going into debt or spending too much of your income per month to stay afloat. 

You can get tax relief by various methods:

  • IRS payment plan – you can break down your full balance into small payments per month, although a smaller amount per month usually equates to a higher interest rate.
  • Compromise – another method of repayment involves compromise. Compromise can be a legal option if you are unable to pay the full owed amount. 
  • Personal loan – if you don’t have the funds to pay your tax dollars, consider getting a personal loan.

If you don’t know where to begin with paying back the IRS for past-own money, use tax resolution services to organize your debt and start with your tax relief plan. 

Types of tax resolution services

Installment agreement

An installment agreement involves the taxpayer agreeing to repay the entire debt owed to the IRs in monthly installments in a period of up to 6 years. This method lets the taxpayer slowly repay their debt in manageable amounts so they don’t feel overwhelmed during the payment process.

A partial payment installment agreement

A partial payment installment agreement means the taxpayer does not have to repay the debt in full amount. The statute of limitations prevents the IRS from attempting to collect all of the owed money on a given debt during an indefinite time period. This means that if the IRS tries to come to you to repay a debt over 10 years after it was owed, the date has expired and the debt does not have to be repaid.


Knowing the ins and outs of tax resolution services can help you as a consumer choose the best corporation to help you repay your debt to the IRS. As a company, organizations have to know the best way to offer tax resolution services to clients to earn non-season income, increase their profit, and gain higher satisfaction from clients. 

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