The FFP2 mask manufacturer

The FFP2 mask is prepared to protect us from pathogens such as bacteria or viruses, aerosols, and non-toxic liquids, such as oil mists. This mask protects against pathogenic biological agents (bacteria, viruses, fungi, and others) while maintaining comfort.

  • This mask has a minimum filtration efficiency> 95% (BFE).
  • BFE> 95% (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency)
  • PFE> 95% (Particulate Filtration Efficiency)

The FFP2 mask protects you and also protects other people in case you are infected.

The surgical mask does not protect against viruses as it does not have anti-viral filtering capacity, for this and other reasons it is not considered Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

COVID19 has been shown to be present in aerosols emitted by infected people. If you travel through public places such as public transport, shopping centers, work centers with many personnel, etc. We recommend wearing an FFP2 mask manufacturer to protect yourself.

The surgical mask offers small barrier protection so that an infected person does not emit aerosols with COVID19. What makes your safety depend on the widespread use of masks by third parties and is a partial barrier since it does not filter exhaled air.

When in doubt, opt for better protection and use FFP2.


Open the mask being careful not to touch the inside, check that it is correctly oriented with the oblique part outwards and the nose clip at the top.

Hold the mask against your chin ensuring that the nose and mouth are completely covered. Adjust the shape of the nose clip with both hands so that the tissue around the nose adheres and there are no gaps between the skin and the mask.

Pull the rubber bands and fasten them behind your ears.

Adjust the position of the mask ensuring that there are no gaps around the perimeter of the mask and that you can breathe comfortably.

Adjustment check

Cover the front of the mask with both hands, taking care not to impair the fit of the mask.

Exhale strongly

If air leaks around the nose, re-adjust the nose clip trying to minimize leakage. Repeat the steps above.

If air is leaking around the edges, adjust the tension of the strips to eliminate the leaks. Even adding a knot. Repeat the steps above.

We use all our experience in the production of personal and/or collective protective equipment, emphasizing surgical masks, and FFP2 respirators.

We rely on personalized service, by qualified professionals and partnerships with accredited suppliers, guaranteeing the highest quality of our products.

Plaster is proud to work with suppliers and ensure that all production is done.

Buy face masks for labor protection

If you are looking to buy masks that are hygienic, with a level of protection FFP2 (KN95), with a filter, or basic hygiene, Moloon is your ideal page. You can find single-use masks for companies to ensure the health of their workers. Being suppliers and manufacturers of masks we also carry out wholesale and discounts depending on the volume of your purchase.

If you are buying masks from another supplier and you have doubts about the quality of the product, we can offer you an analysis of the critical aspects (penetration under different scenarios, inhalation leaks, breathability). In a very short period of time (approximately ten days) and at a very low cost, you can clear up your doubts. It is worth making sure of the quality of a product intended to protect health.