The Factors that Affect Pool Construction Timeline

If you are having a swimming pool installed, of course you want it done as quickly as possible. You want to enjoy the fruits of your investment! However, there is a certain amount of patience and understanding that must come with pool construction. 

Constructing a pool can be time-consuming and expensive. But the more you plan and communicate with your pool contractors, the better off you will be. 

Factors that Affect Pool Construction Timeline

Curious about what sort of circumstances may affect your pool construction timeline? Our swimming pool contractors in Boca Raton offer some helpful information that may help you better plan and prepare ahead of time.

Planning and Budget

Yes, installing a swimming pool will boost your property value. However, it is an upfront expense that can take some time. Like any major project, it is important to plan and budget carefully. Talk to your swimming pool contractors about your plans and desires, and your budget. Be as transparent as possible so there are less surprises later. 

Working with a good pool contractor is a great help in establishing a plan and making sure that your budget is factored into the overall design and implementation. 

Size of the Project

The timeline for pool construction will largely depend on the size of the project. If you want a simple fiberglass pool installed, then installation will likely be fairly quick. However, if you want a large, oddly-shaped pool dug and poured with concrete or gunite, then the process will naturally take longer. 

Also, the more accessories and features you want, the longer it will take to complete the entire project. If you are looking at having decking, waterfalls, fire features, or spas installed, then you must expect the construction timeline to be longer. 

Removing Existing Structures

Often, constructing a pool requires removing existing structures, such as an old pool or outbuilding. Removal of existing structures will add time to the overall construction timeline. You might can do the removal yourself, or you might need help. In either case, it is a good idea to plan ahead and have existing structure removal on your calendar as soon as possible. 

If the existing structure has damaged the ground beneath it, it may lead to problems during digging or pool installation. Pool contractors will need to be sure that the ground can adequately and safely support the pool structure. 

Acquiring Materials

The price of construction materials has fluctuated greatly in recent years. If you are not in a hurry to install your pool, you might get better pricing by following the market. Maybe you purchase certain equipment during the off season, and then purchase other materials later. Depending on your design, you may be able to find tile or travertine wholesale, or as an overstock item. This can help alleviate some of the concern about limited or out-of-stock items at the last minute. 

During spring and summer, many construction items are in short supply. This is a particular consideration since the COVID-19 pandemic has caused supply shortages in many areas of commerce. 

Inclement Weather

No matter how much we wish we could, we just can’t control the weather. In place like South Florida, inclement weather can happen at a moment’s notice. This can cause definite delays in your pool construction timeline. 

One of the best ways to minimize this risk is by having your pool installed in fall. Fall has less weather events and more temperate conditions than spring or summer. And of course, you can’t dig a pool in winter when the ground is hard or near freezing. 

Have Questions About Swimming Pool Installation? 

Now that you know some of the factors that can make your swimming pool installation take longer than you expect, you may have other questions about the process and how to overcome obstacles. The best way to get answers is to contact a pool contractor in your area.