The Everlasting Perfumes for Men and Women

Hello beautiful people, We hope you are enjoying life to the fullest with positive thoughts and some good perfumes. Yes, you read it right, we just said good perfumes. An attractive and long-lasting perfume can make you feel refreshed and happier. Every person has his or her signature perfume with whom he or she connects deeply. The person feels incomplete without wearing that particular fragrance. Good perfumes take your mood to another level. Above all, perfume is an important part of your style statement. If you smell good, it gives an edge to your personality. Remember, not every perfume is meant for you. Always select the best fragrances for men and women according to your taste and style. Some women like fruity fragrances while some like woody. Similarly some men prefer buying fresh scents and some go with classy ones. No matter which you choose, it should complement your style and aura. 

If we have to select the best perfume for women or the best perfume for men, we just can’t name a specific fragrance. As mentioned earlier every person has their own ”feel good fragrance” that gives them the desired inner peace, strength and confidence. Your specific emotions connected to the best ladies’ perfume or gents’ perfume could be different from other people using the same perfume. Your selection of perfume is a very personal thing and is impacted by your mood. 

Perfumes & Memories

Reminiscing the good memorable times, good fragrances take you down memory lane. Remember that stranger who just passed by and smiled at you wearing an ecstatic perfume for men with a woody smell? You can still feel that fragrance and that moment. Remember the date night when your wife wore a red dress and tempting perfume for women to impress you? Refreshing thought, right? How come you can still feel the beauty of these perfumes and the memories associated with them? It is because a long-lasting perfume for men and women has the power to create beautiful nostalgia. 

Kees – One Stop Solution for Scents

Now you must be thinking about where you can get long-lasting perfume for women or men. Well, we have just found the right place to shop for your favourite perfumes. Kees is selling a wide variety of body mists and fragrances for men and women under one roof. You can get hold of your signature perfumes at a very reasonable price because they are having a SALE! Yes, their exclusive sale on perfumes is going on, giving you another reason to buy from them. All the products are branded and authentic. You can find your lucky smell at Kees.

Fragrances to Pick this Season

Today we are going to help you pick the best fragrances of the season. If you know what you are looking for, it is great but for those who are confused, we will guide you.

Burberry Brit for Her

If you are looking for a ladies’ perfume with a seductive floral fragrance, we suggest this sassy perfume by Burberry. Burberry Brit for her holds the top notes of almonds and citrus merged aesthetically with the base notes of woody, floral, fresh and pink peony drops. It is a fusion of refreshing fragrances that are a pure feast for the senses. Just a few drops and get ready to slay your way.

best perfumes for men

Geparlys Fancy Pink Lady For Women

Another top fragrance that is waiting to be on your list is this Geparly’s Fancy Pink. This is another gorgeous fragrance with invigorating top notes of mandarin, blackberry and apple enhanced by complementing heart notes of lily of the valley, macaroon and cotton candy. The irresistible woody base notes create a cosy charm that can’t be ignored. The fancy bottle with ribbon is another attraction for ladies. Wear this sensuous fragrance to make them go crazy after you. 

ladies perfume

Love and Light by JLo

Love and Light is a luscious floral woody perfume for a contemporary take on fruity scents. We are awe-inspired by the top notes of pomegranate, orange and redcurrant fused wonderfully with the essence of rose, apricot and jasmine. The evergreen woody base notes of praline, musk and patchouli complete the constituents of this best perfume. Taking you on a lively journey, elegant yet cheerful, it’s a must-have.

best perfume for ladies

Mont Blanc Starwalker for Men

Apart from the best female perfumes, they have a wide range of top perfumes for men

Long-lasting and inexorable, Mont Blanc Starwallker is the perfume every man needs to upgrade his collection of rich fragrances. It is a spicy-woody fragrance that encapsulates the true spirit of class and sophistication. Every top, middle and base note gradually adds to the vintage piquancy. Cosy and erotic, this signature fragrance welcomes nostalgia with a feeling of love and affection. Wear it all the time to feel good and impress others.

gents fragrance

Ralph Lauren Polo No. 2 Red

Persistent, savoring and straightforward, Ralph Lauren Polo No. 2 Red is an elegant and ritzy scent with heart-touching top notes of grapefruit, lemon and cranberry. The aromatic middle notes of sage and saffron along with base notes of coffee, amber and wood create a magical vibe. Wear this sumptuous scent when you want them to indulge in the old-school woody aromas.

Burberry Brit Rhythm for Him

This hot-seller perfume Burberry Brit Rhythm is daunting and pleasurable. Refreshing and revitalizing, its woody, spicy and cheerful notes will catch everyone’s attention in no time. It is a pure definition of a masculine aphrodisiac scent to give you an opulent vibe for your date night. Try it and feel the sheer elegance!

mens perfume

This is not it, they have many more top-notch perfumes for men and women. You can visit for buying your signature perfume at the convenience of your home. We are loving the fact that the perfume range is readily available in one place. Enjoy an aromatic shopping spree with Kees!


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