The Emerging Need for PG

In this career-driven world every individual, irrespective of gender is migrating from their home town to make their living. Moreover, there is unequal development in India. So students need to shift for higher studies or job facilities. Once you leave home you need a secondary stay. This has emerged the concept of homestay, co-living, hostel, and Pg. you get to live and eat against some payment. Room on rent can also be an option when you have migrated to another place for job or career purposes. These facilities are widely available in major cities like Kota, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, etc. you can look for PG in Thiruvanmiyur if your preferred location is Chennai. This place has been a perfect destination for IT professionals. Many new colleges have been set up. Thus there is considerable demand for PG accommodation.

Distinct setup

PG and hostel accommodation is chosen for a long stay. PG is a private furnished homestay with basic support from the owner. You will pay a fee for food, laundry, and other utilities. PG accommodation usually involves an agreement, unlike hostels which are regulated by school or college management. Hostels are like shared rooms and PG offers you some privacy. However, your movement is subject to prior notice. 


  • Cost-saving putting up in a hotel or taking a room on rent is a very costly affair. Moreover, you do not have to arrange for other utilities like a bed, fridge, cupboard, or any other furniture.
  • Security is there against loss of money or other valuables. Since the landlord will be there to vigil the room.
  • A timely meal will be provided that saves you time and energy.


  • The hostel facility is time-bound. You cannot extend your stay once your course is over. PG is also not a lifetime agreement but there is the scope of extending your stay period after consulting with the landlord.
  • Hostel life calls for immense adjustments, sharing of room and bathroom being the most important ones. Hence one may have to accept unclean surroundings. Hostels can be noisy too. In PG you can expect cleanliness or ask for additional perks.
  • Unlike a hotel, hostels/ PG do not give the facility of a spa, gym, swimming pool, or restaurants. 

If you are looking for a change or a better place to live you can search for PG in your desired location for eg, PG in ThoraipakkamNowadays many young people stay outside their hometown but refuse to adjust to unclean hostels or substandard PGs. Some opulent living options are offered on online platforms. They also ask for less brokerage or deposit money. You can book those online too. These PGs are sophisticated ones and give you the scope to relish home and kitchen appliances. High-speed WIFI saves internet charges. The rates of such PG vary from 3k to 13k. Shared accommodations with two to four rooms are available in PGs. Separate PGs are there for males and females. Sharing PGs are also available. You can step in these to spend a hassle-free stay that boosts your mental satisfaction and rejuvenates your energy.