The Different Types of Soft Contact Lenses Fitzroy

Soft contact lenses are what most people like to apply these days. This is because it can be found in many different options. These lenses are composed of flexible plastic, which is a permeable and soft material. These let oxygen easily pass through and get to the cornea. Soft lenses are known commonly to be easier to adapt to and are perpetually more comfortable to wear as opposed to other kinds of lenses. Most of the disposable contacts out there are soft lenses. When it comes to soft contact lenses Fitzroy, these are a few types that you can try.

Daily wear contacts

These can be worn during those times when you are wide awake. You can take these off before you go to bed at night. Many of these lenses happen to be of a disposable variety. This means that you have to sport new soft contact lenses Fitzroy of this type every day. Or you could prefer those contacts that can last for more time, and have these replaced just once every week or in 2 weeks or each month. According to the recommendation of a few ophthalmologists, disposable daily wear contacts are best sported if used only once in a while.

Contact Lens
Contact Lens

Extended wear contacts

These can be used for a longer time than the previous ones. It is okay to wear these types of soft contact lenses Fitzroy at the time of sleeping. However, you have to take these off to be cleaned up at least one time every week. These contacts are not recommended by many doctors. These can raise the risks of serious eye infection for wearers.

Toric contacts

These are another type of soft lenses which are known to be able to achieve vision correction for all those who are affected with astigmatism. Astigmatism is an eye condition that is characterized by impaired eyesight. It is a common problem in nearsighted people and generally happens due to an irregular conformation of the cornea.

In this kind of optical system defect, there is a failure in light rays from a single point to converge in just one focal point. It is okay to wear Toric lenses for daily use or for extended wear. However, the cost of these lenses is more as compared to soft contact lenses of other types. If you have Astigmatism, you would probably not mind splurging more to be able to buy these soft contact lenses Fitzroy.

Contact Lens
Contact Lens

Coloured contacts

They are also often referred to as ‘Tinted Contacts’. This is because such types of soft contact lenses Fitzroy may be tinted, in order to change the eye colour and appearance. These can be availed as Toric lenses, extended wear or daily wear lenses.

Decorative Contacts

These are also known as Cosmetic Contacts. Lenses of such types can help change the way the eyes look, although these offer no vision correction. Such contacts include coloured lenses and contacts that may cause the eyes to look like those of animals, vampires or similar supernatural or bestial creatures. These are also used for concealing specific ocular issues that could arise due to some injury or might have been present right from birth.

Contact Lens
Contact Lens

Soft contact lenses Fitzroy of this type do not help in vision correction. That said, to be able to get decorative contacts, a prescription is what you need. Such kinds of lenses need to be treated similar to prescription contacts – in order to avoid getting harmful eye infections. Thus, it is important to have these lenses cleaned up thoroughly and regularly – as per directions.

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