The Different Types of Kratom Strains Explained

With an estimated 15 million citizens in the U.S. using Kratom (According to The American Kratom Association), it’s needless to say that it has become insanely popular recently. Kratom has been known to offer quite a few benefits that help people, whether that be for pain relief, relaxation, or energy. However, Kratom is complex, and understanding it isn’t as easy as going to a store to purchase the unique botanical.

There are several different veins and each one holds it’s own qualities that are going to affect the user differently. So depending on what benefit you are looking for from kratom, is going to help you discover which is best for yourself.

This article is going to cover the types of Kratom they are and how they are going to affect your experience. Let’s get started.

Types Of Kratom

When it comes to Kratom, there are three main types to choose from, White Vein, Red Vein, and Green Vein. Each one has its qualities and has a much different effect on you when consumed. Each type is processed and prepared completely differently for the consumers.

You can then further break down each of their veins into strands. This will give you an even closer look at how it may affect you and where exactly the leaf has been grown. The majority of Kratom is now imported from Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Cambodia. The Kratom leaves will change color throughout the year depending on the season and the tree’s environment.

We are going to stick with just the three main types of kratom and how they can affect you. Let’s take a look at all three and find out which may be best for you to try!

White Vein Kratom

The White Vein Kratom can give a user pleasurable stimulating and uplifting effects. When consumers decided to use a white vein, it is because they are looking for something to wake them up and feel energized, much like drinking a cup of coffee.

A White Vein can also help people by increasing their concentration and alertness. It is a mood booster and much more euphoric then its counterparts.

If you are looking for a Vein that is going to make you feel food, wake you up, and help you concentrate then you should first consider a White Vein Kratom Strain.

Red Vein Kratom

The Red Vein Kratom is most commonly used for its calming and pain relief qualities. Along with that, it can also give the consumer a pleasant feeling of euphoria. It is quite the opposite of the white vein altogether.

The Red Vein can also have sedative effects on anyone that uses it. Many users decided to start with veins because they are looking for a more natural way to relieve their pains. It’s effects on calming and pain relief effects depend on the specific type and dosage though.

If you are looking for something to relieve pain, insomnia, or help you with relaxation, then a red vein is a great choice to get started with.

Green Vein Kratom

One of the more popular and good introductory veins, Green Vein Kratom sits right in between the Red and White Veins. It has an equal balance of both the red and white vein effects.

The Green Vein can give the consumer a boost of both energy and alertness. However, unlike White Veins, it can be a bit milder and not feel too overwhelming for the consumer.

Along with the energy, the user can have pain-relieving and calming effects, such as what you would feel from a Red Vein. However, unlike the Red Vein, this again will not be overwhelming and not make you feel too tired.

Green Vein kratom is best described as the perfect mild combination of red and white vein combined.

Kratom Strains

Within each Kratom Vein, there are also Strains. Each Strain can have a slightly different effect within that Vein. So, let’s have a look at the main type of strains there are –

  • Malaysia: This Strain isn’t necessarily a mood booster, but it can have a longer-lasting effect.
  • Bali: If you are looking to have an extra boost from your Kratom, then consider using a Bali Strain. This can have a more powerful feel depending on how it is grown.
  • Borneo: When looking at pain relief and relaxation, then Borneo is a great choice. It can also have mood-enhancing qualities as well.
  • Maeng Da: This strain is somewhat like the Green Vein. It can have a perfect balance of both stimulating and sedating effects. This one can also be considered the best for its euphoric effects.
  • Indo: The Indo Strain is great for mood-boosting but not quite as powerful as the Bali Strain.

Now that you understand the difference between Kratom Veins and Strains, it can be much easier to decide on which is best for you to try.

What Is The Strongest Kratom To Try?

If you are looking for the most powerful and long-lasting Kratom Vein to find, that question may be hard to answer right off the bat. There are several things you need to consider first –

Since each Strain will have different effects, you much first determine the purpose of use. From there will, you can find out which Kratom is strongest within that Vein.

If you are looking for a Strain that is going to be the most potent, then consider trying Maeng Da, Bali, and Indo. These are typically considered to have the most powerful effects within its Vein.

Another type of Kratom to consider when looking for the strongest is kratom extract. Kratom extract is the most concentrated form of regular Kratom powder. During the extraction process, they pull more alkaline out of the plant, making it more concentrated and powerful form of Kratom.

Trying Kratom For Yourself

One of the best ways to discover which Kratom is best for you is by trying each one in small doses. Everyone will be affected slightly differently and it’s important to decide which is best for you. Keep in mind that kratom is not legal in every state or county, so make sure to check your local laws.

Kratom is a great alternative when it comes to pain relief, relaxation, or mood-boosting. Try each variety and find out which choice is the best one for you!