The difference between Indian lottos and western lottos

When playing the lotteries, the critical aspects that you need to consider are the odds of winning the game and the process that playing the lotto entails. In this regard, there are specific elements that distinguish the Indian lotteries from those offered in western countries. Still, when you compare Indian lotteries, they’ve differences depending on which state the lottery company is doing business. This guide will help you comprehend the main differences between western and Indian lotteries.

Ticket costs and odds of winning the lotteries 

Indian lotteries are different from their western counterparts in terms of ticket pricing and the odds of winning the game. The cost of buying lottery tickets in the state that have approved lottery is between 60 and 40 rupees. In India, the massive jackpots range from 60 and 80 Lakhs. Bettors can also enjoy exclusive big prizes that come at specific times of the year. The occasional awards are more than 10 Crores. Whereas the western lotteries may have jackpot rollovers, this is not the case in India. Furthermore, in India, the odds may be determined as per the number of cards you purchase.

How selling of cards impacts on winning

If you’re playing the lottery in India, the probability of winning depends on the number of tickets sold and their series. The western international lotteries, however, have fixed odds that are not affected by the number of tickets sold. This means that in India when numerous bettors are participating in a particular lottery, your chances of winning in that game may be slim. Regardless of the amount of jackpot involved and the number of people playing it, the chances of winning in the western lotteries are the same.

Odds of winning the lottery in various Indian states

  • Kerala state lottery-this lottery is owned and managed by the state government of Kerala. The odds of winning a lottery in this state are 1 in 9,000,000. However, in case you’re going for the less famous and low lottery, the probability of winning is 1 in 119. The draws for the Kerala lottery happen daily at 3 pm. Saturday has the highest jackpots and attracts many bettors. Apart from the standard tickets sold, Kerala also offers occasional lotteries that have massive jackpots. Tickets for these lotteries range from 100 to 3000 rupees. For these particular tickets, the odds of winning the prize stand at 1 in 10,000,000.
  • Punjab Lottery-one of the distinguishing features of the Punjab lottery is bettors can play it from without the state. The chances of winning the Punjab lottery are 1 in 10,000,000 and largely depend on the amount of series of tickets sold.
  • West Bengal State-this lottery is also famous in India and uses the same format as that of Kerala state. The odds of winning West Bengal State are 1 in 10,000,000. Additionally, the probability of winning the lottery depends on the number of series cards sold. Draws for this lottery are done daily at 4 pm.
  • Nagaland State Lottery-the state’s lottery is widespread and is among the first states to have legalized lottery in India. The odds of winning its lottery are 1 in 3,000,000.


Compared to the west lotteries, the Indian lotteries may not be the best because of low jackpots. Furthermore, in the west, the famous lotteries allow bettors to pick six correct numbers to win the lottery. The numbers don’t need to be in a specific order. To succeed in the Indian lottery, however, you’ve to pick 0-9 correct numbers that are in order.