The Difference between Honor and Honor Lite?

What do you expect in the latest model? The best shiny display with a unique design, talking about performance, the best quality android version and above all a quality camera to capture the moments. All of this, you can have in a smartphone but on what cost, this is the question for today. It’s really important because the majority of the customers want to have a special featured model but they belong to a mid-range customer category.

None of them can afford an iPhone, Samsung and Nokia, then what else? The only option which can provide the best and competitive features at a reasonable price in the Honor brand. From a few years back, you can’t even think about such lavish specs in a Honor smartphone at a cost less than AED 1000. But this is possible now and you can check the reality on your own.

What Honor is providing is really hard to meet and that’s the only reason this unique brand is getting popularity with bullet speed. Also, this was the main factor of a clash between Google and Huawei, but the company never ever compromised at the cost of its customers. If we have a look at the latest model, we can see that two types of phones are pretty important to discuss – one is Honor simple and the other is Honor lite. Most of the users don’t have any idea about the major differences. So on the demand of viewers, we have compiled a list of two such phones along with a flagship model to discuss some important things about Honor brand:

  • Honor 8C
  • Honor 8 lite
  • Honor View 20

Look at the Honor 8C price, this model provides you a shiny aqua green shade, and is available in diverse color schemes. You can confirm at least one color of your own choice with the utmost desire. Most of the people supposed that the clash between Huawei and Google has made a restriction on this model but an isolated report about this special smartphone found out that it is completely wrong. This model is certified by Google and is now listed in the database of Google Play certified devices. Even after the launch of 7C, rumors were out there but who can stop these things? The Google Play certification also means this latest model will be available with complete google apps and full-fledged play store options.

This model is pretty reasonable considering the price factor and that’s why it is making its own way to different other markets. After its launch in China and UAE, now it’s getting popularity in Egyptian markets as well.

Honor is still in the market with C-lite option

What is more important is to maintain a quality-price factor and Honor has tried to stay relevant in all markets which seems to extremely competitive. As we can see that the UAE market has been covered by the Honor brand with a complete lead considering price and features. If we have a look at the Huawei Honor 10 Lite, even this phone is setting a new trend for incoming models from other brands. Brands like Xiaomi, Realme and even Samsung are still struggling to set a benchmark for what a smartphone can offer within a reasonable price range. Without paying a lot of money, you can only get maximum features with the best quality through an Honor model. This unique brand has consistently delivered attractive phones over the years including different series. Following are the best series so far:

  • X-series Honor smartphone
  • C-series Honor smartphone
  • View-series Honor smartphone
  • Lite-series Honor smartphone

With the latest reports published about the comparison of Honor with other brands, the X series has been successful for the company by offering the best combination. One can get good looks, decent hardware and consistent performance at attractive prices. That’s the reason Honor is getting popularity among all ages.

What is the best option in 2020?

To entertain more and more, the latest updates show that after the popular Honor 8X last year, the company is back with the Honor 9X. This unique model is manufactured with a pop-up camera, notch-less display with a large screen, and a perfect resolution combination. You can enjoy the shimmering design and many other attractive features just at the cost of AED 1000 or even less.

What’s the issue while choosing a special model? The only problem is that we have seen plenty of other smartphone offers such as Samsung Galaxy latest version, iPhone latest model and others as well, so Honor 9X offers some similar features and so much more last year. Most of the customers consider its looks and feel like a 2019 gadget and that’s a big problem in 2020 when you have so big competitors.

What’s the solution? Just have a look at the specifications of Honor view 20, starting off with the design, this unique model is fairly a large phone to hold and can provide you a cinema look. You can use it in a very comfortable mood having perfect navigating tools. Although this device is pretty heavy at 196 grams despite its mixed construction material still it’s worth it when we have a look at the price factor and other features. This unique model entertains customers with a 3D curved rear panel which makes it easier to hold in one hand.

If we talk about the color scheme, the back comes in two finishes – Midnight Black and Sapphire Blue. You can choose one according to your requirement as I’ve checked out both the color options and can safely say they’re perfect in night mode as well in daylight. With a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, this phone allows you to choose an option with complete ease. It’s not the fastest fingerprint sensor around, but easy to locate all functions. Although there is one thing missing in this model and it’s pretty unfortunate for Honor lovers, there is no facial recognition feature.


From above mentioned three unique models, I feel Honor is something that can provide you everything.