The Destructive Effects of Self-doubt and Why You Need to Overcome This Feeling

It happens to everyone. We all feel uncertain, dubious, negative, and weak at some points in our life. While being ambitious, visionary, and passionate toward our goals, we feel that the drive which we had at the beginning of our pursuit has somehow faded. And along the course, we no longer feel as if we could make it. Our destinations start to seem unachievable, and we find ourselves constantly surrounded by thoughts that pull us back even more. This state of mind is what self-doubt really is, and it can be very critical for one’s life.

Samuel Mearridy, has reflected on the personality of a human in general and the various thoughts and feelings that one experiences. Being a personal trainer and having connected with people on a more emotional level, he expounds on how one’s state of mind can play a vital role in a successful and mentally and physically healthy life. Sharing from his valuable experience, he discusses topics of self-doubts, peer pressure, racism, the importance of consistency, fighting off our fears, taking pride in how we really are, and not spend our lives pleasing people who don’t matter. Grab a copy of the book and self-reflect on such essential aspects of life.

Be True to Yourself

The biggest support system for every person is his own self. If you are comfortable the way you are, then you would acknowledge all your faults and weaknesses and know that it’s completely okay to not be perfect. While you subconsciously gather all these negative thoughts, try to meditate on your achievements, strengths, talents, goodness and skills. By doing this, you’ll find a solution to use these elements in your favour and make your way toward your goals.

Failures are Inevitable, Learn from Them

If you have a certain target set for yourself, I hope you also have braced yourself for the setbacks, failures, and challenges. No one can truly succeed while staying on a bed of roses. You are bound to encounter obstacles that might hinder your pace. Mentally prepare yourself for failures, and consider them as opportunities full of learnings and lessons. Remaining consistent throughout your journey is imperative for your dreams and goals.

Stop Thinking About Other People’s Opinion

A lot of our self-doubts stem from the socially constructed standards of society. And in today’s age of social media, we tend to follow what other people are doing and try to be like them. We coerce ourselves into looking “flawless”, dressing “fashionably”, and thinking that anything below the standard is just not acceptable. In doing so, we concentrate more on looking happy than actually being one.

Remember to focus on your inner being. The biggest investment you could make is the investment of your time and energy for yourself.