The Dallas Open Mic Sees Explosive Growth in the Weekly Artist Showcase

The Dallas Open Mic is an event that is open to artists, poets, and speakers, who all come across the nation and showcase their talent given within their performance time and opportunity. Even more of a reason to come, It is taken place every Tuesday right in the heart of Dallas. The Green Elephant Event Space, 5627 Dyer St, in the heart of Dallas, has some of the most active music and art scenes that partake in this weekly event. For each week, specifically Tuesdays, the event is the Dallas Open Mic. Which is an event founded by Dallas Native, Charlie Rihoo. It gets 400+ people in the crowd every Tuesday night! Not only the event has been steadily running for the last 4 years, but the crowd also seems to grow every single week with new faces attending and performing. Texas is one of the fastest-growing states, artists from California, New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, and Florida have even taken place in the weekly Artist showcase.

Everyone who makes this an event to remember every week, has the same opportunity to shine consistently, individually, and collectively. Collaboration tycoon, Charlie Rihoo, who has been consistently promoting for years, mentions that the consistent growth is solely based on the consistency and collaboration of each artist and influencer who help promote it each week. “The Dallas Open Mic has been officially working for five years now, and ever since we have added more media outlets such as #Focuseddd, we have been seeing a lot more growth in terms of artists who are looking for opportunities to not only bless the stage but also to meet other professionals in the area who are serious about their craft and serious about their music business. We also have poets and comedians that are coming out more often nowadays. Just like that a lot of other individuals from the industry are tapping in and wanting to be a part of the scene. It’s a beautiful thing, we are here, we don’t plan on leaving, and Lord willing, we will continue to grow.” Rihoo, owner of Rihoo Records, founder of the Open Mic, and an avid supporter of the local Dallas talent.

Musical artists such as Bama White, Freezy Faucet, Karmaaa, J Strong, Meaux Melody, Bean, Rolang, Dante Webb, and Mula Mike, all have played significant roles in the Dallas Open Mic performing weekly and staying consistent with their music on social media platforms as well. With collaborations that lead to only larger results, the promotion has kept the Dallas Open Mic steady each week. Bama White, co-host to the event mentions that diverse initiatives keep the team strong. “Artists are beginning to connect, build, and collaborate with each other. They are realizing that this Open Mic is a community where others come and network and show their diversity.” Another host, Mula Mike, mentions that the people and diversity of the crowd have helped each performance and led to an increase in retention for the event.

The founder of the multimedia news brand #Focuseddd, Mobeen Mian, and his team have been consistently in collaboration with the Dallas Open Mic. Now the #Focuseddd team has public relation projects that pursue and actively run the event promotion with interviews, press releases, photography, and social media marketing for the event and each selective artist present. Artists and entrepreneurs from across the nation have partaken in these interviews with #Focuseddd, including larger metroplex radio stations such as 97.9 the beat. The #Focuseddd news media team also recently is in the spotlight for their collaborative efforts in the City of Dallas, coming off from their promotional tour, covering stories and press in multiple states including Texas, New York, California, and Denver.

Anyone is welcome to the Dallas Open Mic. From the moment you show up to the event it feels like family, and you are no longer alone. Collaborations are open to any entrepreneur, artist, and creative out there. Be sure to check out The Green Elephant Event Space, located at 5627 Dyer St, Dallas, TX 75206, every Tuesday night for their event, the Dallas Open Mic!

*Documented by #Focuseddd*

The founder of the Dallas Open Mic is Charlie Rihoo
The founder of #Focuseddd is Mobeen Mian

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Names of and details of artists mentioned:

Bama White – @BamaWhiteSauce

Freezy Faucet – @Freezy_Faucet

Karmaaa- @KarmaaaMusic

Mobeen Mian – @MobeenMian

J Strong- @JStrongOgk

Meaux Melody- @MeauxMelody

Bean- @Bean_Fth

Rolang- @TheRealRolang

Dante Webb- @DatsBizaar

Mula Mike- @MoneyMikeGmb