The Cost of Small Business Security Systems

Small business owners often do not know where to begin when purchasing a security system. The more you look, the more it seems like a big investment with little return on the investment. However, what small business owners fail to realize is that there are several types of security systems available for small businesses which have been designed with the small business owner in mind. These systems are designed to provide peace of mind at an affordable price.

The first type of business security system that should be considered is a basic alarm system which includes a panel and one or more sensors, such as motion detectors or glass break detectors. These systems usually cost less than $1,000 and can be purchased from a local security company or from a major retailer, such as Home Depot or Lowe’s. As the business grows, additional sensors can be purchased to accommodate the needs of the business at a minimal cost.

The next type of security system which is worth looking into is a CCTV camera system. These systems range in price from $800-$1,500 and will provide the security system owner with video footage of the premises at all times.

The third type of security system is an automatic door access control system. This will allow only authorized personnel into the business, making it safer for employees and customers. Depending on the size of the operation, these systems can cost as little as $400-$800. Another advantage of this system is that it will keep track of employees who fail to clock out at the end of their shift.

The fourth type of security system is the panic button. Panic buttons are inexpensive and can be purchased for around $30. When activated, they will notify local police, fire department, or EMS to come to the aid of the business owner in an emergency situation.

The final type of security system which should be looked into is a drop safe. These safes are bolted to the floor, wall, or desk for security purposes.

Benefits of business security systems

1. Protect Property- Security systems can protect a small business from burglary, theft, and other types of property damage.

2. Protect Employees- Security systems help to protect employees from becoming victims of crime when they are working late or when no one else is in the office.

3. Have Evidence for Prosecution- Security systems provide evidence in cases where crimes have been committed inside or outside of the business, which can be used in court.

4. Decrease Insurance Premiums- Small businesses that use security systems often see a decrease in their insurance premiums because they are perceived as lower risk and less likely to become victims.

5. Protect Customers- Security systems protect customers when they visit your small business by protecting them from criminals.

6. Be Proactive- A security system allows a business owner to be proactive in protecting their business, employees, and customers without the need to hire additional personnel or purchase extremely expensive equipment.

7. Reduce Employee Stress- Security systems are very effective at reducing employee stress because they know that there is someone watching out for them and the business they work for.

8. Reduce Vacation/Sick Days- A security system will reduce sick days and vacation days because employees feel a relaxed sense of safety when using the systems.

9. Keep Customers Coming Back- Security systems keep customers coming back to a small business by providing them with a safe atmosphere that encourages them to come back.

10. Minimize Losses- Security systems help to minimize losses because employees are less likely to leave doors unlocked or allow people they do not know into the business.

11. Increase Productivity- A small business owner can expect an increase in productivity once security systems are installed because they will eliminate distractions and decrease employee stress.

12. Employee Retention- Security systems help to retain employees because they feel safe and have a relaxed sense of safety when using the system. This can reduce turnover rates, which saves money for small business owners.

13. Increase Sales- A security system will not only increase productivity in a small business but may also increase sales. Customers who feel safe in your business are more likely to purchase items or return another time.

For small businesses which are starting with limited capital, all business security systems can be purchased for an average price of $2,000-$3,000. This may seem like a large investment, but in the long run, it can save the small business owner a lot of money. The main purpose of the security system is to prevent potential issues. However, if an incident does occur and damage is done to the business, not only will you have lost revenue for that day, but it may take time before you can open your doors again due to insurance reasons and possibly due to the cost of repairs.