The Cost of House Pressure Washing Service

While pressure washing service seems like an excellent idea altogether, people are still wondering if it’s worth the cost. There’s something about the magnitude of the task, such as cleaning the home’s exterior, that makes it impossible to calculate how much this job is actually worth. 

So, in order to understand the price of pressure washing service, we decided to explain all factors and aspects of this service and how they relate to its price.

Now let’s see what the most important things are when it comes to pressure washing your property and how much it may cost you to clean it.

Factors Affecting Pressure Washing Prices

The price of the pressure washing covers several points:

  • Total Area Serviced

Pressure washing service involves cleaning outdoor surfaces that are often covered with plenty of grime and dirt of different types. The total area of the surface will affect the cost of the job, but only the surface that was actually cleaned with the pressure washer will be charged. 

The most common way to calculate the total area serviced is by measuring the length and width of the surface, and after a bit of multiplication, you’ll get the square footage of the total area. 

However, there are cases of using the linear footage method, and some companies are charging based on the length of the area, disregarding the width completely.

  • Pressure Washing Cleaning Techniques

The pressure washing job implies that a great amount of pressurized water spray is used to clean different surfaces. Still, depending on the surface material and type of dirt being cleaned, pressure washing service may include a fast cold water cleaning session or a much more complex hot water cleaning process combined with different cleaning solutions.

And as always, basic pressure washing will be a lot cheaper than pressure washing intense stains, rust, or oily blotches surrounding your home. Those stains require different cleaners and detergents, which will increase the price. The more stubborn stain, the better the detergent and the higher price.

A pressure washing technique can also depend on the material of your home. Some materials like vinyl and concrete are almost indestructible, but others like stucco are highly porous.

Pressure washing will adapt to all of them, but it won’t clean them all at the same speed. After all, you’d want your pressure washing technician to treat your stucco with care to avoid any damages.

  • Home Maintenance Factor

If you’re hiring a pressure washing company to clean your house’s exterior for the first time ever, you can also expect to pay more for the first service. This is simply because your home has never been pressure washed or professionally cleaned, and chances are there’s a lot of dirt build-up and staining on your home’s walls, decks, or sidewalks. 

According to Daniel, a power washing expert, focusing on commercial pressure washing and house washing in Katy, TX, it will take much more time to clean your home, therefore increasing the price of the pressure washing service. 

However, after that first clean-up, your home will require much less pressure washing to clean it, making every consecutive pressure washing session much less expensive. Regular maintenance can considerably decrease the price of the next pressure washing service.

Is Pressure Washing Cost-Effective?

The Cost-effectiveness of pressure washing also depends on several things. Are you living in a townhome, apartment, or condo, or are you living in a 4000+-sqft house? Pressure washing for condos and apartments basically makes no sense, as well as pressure washing for low square footage houses. The price of pressure washing small areas is simply not considered cost-effective. 

Evaluation logic dictates that if a surface is small, this is something you can handle yourself. You can rent or buy a pressure washer and complete the job, following the instructions on how to use a pressure washing and adhering to EVERY safety requirement related to the job.

However, for larger houses with so much square footage to be cleaned, hiring a pressure washing company for the job certainly pays off.

How Much Does It Cost To Pressure Wash A House?

The national average price of pressure washing service at the moment is $211, with the minimum pressure washing service price being $100 and the maximum cost being $500. Most homeowners can expect to pay anywhere between $173 and $311 for a medium-size home pressure washing service.  

At the moment, the average price in the U.S. is $0.35-$0.77 per square foot, so you can actually predict how much cleaning your home would cost. The price you get will include the cost of the labor, equipment provided, and any other materials such as detergents and soaps.

One more thing to consider when determining the price of the pressure washing service is the location of your home. While the national average price is $211, the cost range for New York City is actually $250 to $500.

On the other hand, in Denver, Colorado, is house pressure washing cost range is between $150 and $350. Take time to research the market and choose a company that’s neither here nor there in terms of price. Golden middle is the key here.