The Computer Network

The computer is the most important among all the machines to us and still, the computer engineers and scientists are making a lot of progress in order to make it useful. One way to make the computers more useful is to connect them to each other in such a way that they could transfer and receive data and information. The scientists and engineers of this generation of computers are working on this and making progress each day to make our lives better by the proper and appropriate use of computers. In this article, we are going to study in detail computer networks and the progress that is being made in computer networking.

Computer Networking

In order to make computers more useful and beneficial, scientists and computer engineers invented a way to connect with broadband them to fulfill the purpose of sharing data and information with each other without any kind of physical connection between them this is said to be computer networking. It was a great achievement of this generation of computers and proved to be very helpful. Today the computer networking has become very common and is being used commonly all over the world. In other words, we can also say that computer networking is basically the communication between the electronic devices named computers.

Local-Area Networks

The local-area network is also famous as LAN. It is a very basic type of computer network. It is used in limited physical places like in the computer labs of schools, colleges, and universities, it is also very commonly used in offices to connect a group of computers. In this generation of computers, the local-area network is used to connect initially two computers with each other or to connect a printer with a computer and so on to connecting several computers in the office or school. The local-area network could be physical as well as wireless.

Wide-Area Networks

The wide-area network is also a very basic type of computer network and it is famously known as WAN. As the name implements the wide-area network or WAN unlike the LAN is used to connect the computers on a wide or larger scale. In this generation of computers, the wide-area network connects computers using satellites. It can also connect a computer using a whole network of cables or by using optical fiber wires. The best example of the WAN that makes it easier to understand that how it works is the Internet and this type of networking has become important to the world.

Virtual Private Network

The virtual private network is also a kind of computer network. As the name implements it is specifically used by the private users for hiding their personal information from others. The virtual private network is also famously known by the name VPN. In this generation of computers, this networking is used by private users to save their personal information from cybercriminals and the virtual private network helps users achieve this goal of safety and security.