The Comprehensive Spinal Surgery Doctor

All of us want to be healthy and strong. It’s important that when we work out, we focus on our core muscles, including the back. Do you have lower back pain? You’re not alone, as an estimated 80% of the population will experience it at some point in their lives. But if you want to avoid chronic pain, or just feel better when that achy feeling strikes, there are some exercises that can help you out.

What is a Board Certified Spinal Surgery Doctor?

Board certified spine surgeon are knowledgeable specialists who have undergone years of extensive training and have received the Board Certification seal. The certification process is very intense, including a written examination, oral examination, and an evaluation by a peer review committee. They undergo rigorous training in surgical procedures to help treat diseases of the spine such as herniated discs and spinal stenosis.

A board certified spine surgeon will have an extensive knowledge of all sorts of different spinal problems that you may encounter over your lifetime. He or she will also be able to diagnose more complex cases than any other type of physician which means that he or she is the best person for you when it comes time for surgery.

They can treat everything from back pain to neck pain to head pains which are caused by injuries or diseases such as arthritis, cancer, osteoporosis and more.

How do I know if my spine surgeon is board certified?

If you are considering spinal surgery, it is very important to ask your spine surgeon if they are board certified. Board certification means that the surgeon has completed a residency in general surgery and trained in orthopedic surgery, with additional training on specific treatment of spinal conditions. It also demonstrates that the doctor has passed rigorous qualifications set by their professional society or state medical boards.

  • Check if your spine surgeon is a member of the American Board of Spine Surgery.
  • Check if they are on staff at a hospital with an orthopedic surgery residency program.
  • Search for their name in Google and see what comes up – if it’s just articles about them, then they’re not board certified.
  • Call the hospital where they work to ask about their credentials.
  • Ask your spine surgeon how many surgeries he or she has done and how often he or she does them (board certified surgeons typically do this type of surgery regularly).

Injuries that can be treated by a Board Certified Spinal Surgeon

  • A sprain can be treated by a Board Certified Spinal Surgeon
  • A herniated disc is an injury that can be treated by a Board Certified Spinal Surgeon
  • An inflammation of the spinal cord or nerve root can also be treated by a Board Certified Spinal Surgeon
  • Degenerative disk disease and pinched nerves are other injuries that can be successfully treated by a Board Certified Spinal Surgeon

Why should you choose a Board Certified Spinal Surgery Doctor?

Many people don’t realize the importance of choosing a Cirujano de columna certificado en Miami for any needs they may have. Not only are these Doctors highly trained, but you also know that they will take all precautions necessary to make sure your surgery goes as planned and with no complications. This is why many choose to use this service when considering their options.

Choosing a board certified spine surgeon is important in your recovery. Your surgeon needs to be knowledgeable and experienced with the latest surgery techniques. They should also be able to answer any of your questions about your condition and treatment plan so that you can make an informed decision about what’s best for you.