The Complete Guide to Buying Custom Jewelry

You may be searching for a perfect engagement ring, looking for matching earrings for your necklace, or just wanting to add new diamond jewelry to your precious collection, and sometimes, the pre-designed jewelry on display does not meet your needs.
There truly is no reason to settle down for less than your ideal piece of jewelry! What you should aim for is custom jewelry to make sure you acquire exactly what you imagine.

But before this, there’s a list of things you must take into account to proceed correctly upon this task.

Know Your Budget

Jewelry design can get expensive, depending on the amount of customization that the piece requires. This is justified by the bigger amount of labor and time it’s needed to create a custom piece.

For this reason, it’s important that you have a clear budget in mind before getting your hope up for extreme customizations you might later on find out you can not afford. Some jewelers will be able to give you an estimate based on your ideas so you have a better preview on what to expect for pricing.

Do Your Research On Designers

Prior to settling on any design, it’s important that you conduct the necessary research to find out exactly what you want. It is not the same for a company to sell fine jewelry than for it to create fine jewelry.

There’s plenty of companies willing to sell you a custom piece. This does not mean they are good at creating them. In order to find the best option, you must look for companies with certified jewelers as employees, this is a guarantee that they will know how to execute their job as it shows they master this craft. There are many different organizations where said certifications might have been given, some of them are: The Gemological Institute of America, American Gem Society, Jewelers of America, American Watchmakers Association, and many more. Find the reviews on the organization that gave the certificate as well as the store you’re looking to buy in.

Do Your Research On Designs

You have to have an idea of the kind of jewelry you want. Even though the store will guide you and help your idea come to life, a preliminary investigation to look at different gemstone settings, metal, band, etc.
Bringing in pictures similar to what you desire will also help the jeweler create a better piece.

Take Into Consideration Your Deadline

Logically, custom jewelry takes quite some time to complete, depending on the details needed. It’s not something you can purchase and take home the next day.
Ask your jeweler how long will the piece take to be completed, and expect nothing less than an average of two to three weeks, even six for more complex jewelry

Make sure to have enough time in your hands, and a couple of months to really get this right and on time. When you plan things out, they work out.

Sign A Contract

Even if you trust your jeweler it’s important to protect your investment by signing a contract before any work is done.
A contract will help to guarantee that the price, required elements, and delivery date are all to your pre-discussed satisfaction.

When creating this contract make sure to think and include repair issues in case a custom repair is needed. This plus keeping your receipts will assure insurance and safety for your investment.

Wear Your One Of A Kind Custom Jewelry.

At least! Your unique piece of jewelry is finally done.
What’s left to do is wear and enjoy the beauty of Adinas personalized jewelry collections.


You’re now ready to embarque this journey for an ideal and dream-worthy piece of custom jewelry.
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