The Complete Guide to a Successful Family Photo Shoot

There’s no family portrait so gram-worthy as when it comes out looking effortless and mesmerizing. Sure, everyone wants to capture the perfect family photo where they look gorgeous.

But as easy as it may seem, finding the time to gather everyone around and capture the perfect still is not an easy task. An enchanting family portrait requires proper planning, props, and some nifty photography tips that could help you get an unforgettable family photo that you’ll reminisce about for decades to come.

From the different poses to the secret of capturing the perfect candid shot, we’ve collected some tips and tricks from professional portrait photographers that will elevate your family portraits to the next level.

Natural Poses

The first thing most professional photographers notice when they’re working with clients is how no one can hold a pose for a very long time.

Posing is not a natural thing for people, and clients often feel uncomfortable doing poses they’re not even enjoying. Everyone has a different level of comfort when it comes to standing in one position for a long time, specially around family. Excessive posing even affects the quality of the photograph because the picture might look forced or fake.

This is why we recommend asking family members to enjoy themselves and stand as casually as they want. You can even ask the younger family members to dance, play, or hide behind a tree so you can capture a picture of them being comfortable in their natural element. The older family members can talk to each other, hug, or hold hands, allowing you to capture a perfect candid moment of the family that looks like everyone is having a great time.

This way, you won’t just click a beautiful family portrait, but these pictures will remind the family of the fun time they spent together.

Find the Perfect Backdrop and Lighting

Family photography is all about finding the right backdrop that complements the family members and then finding the right moment to capture the picture full of emotion.

Try not to position the subjects in front of direct light sources or in a way that they’re looking towards the sun. You will only be able to get squinted eyes and odd shadows under their necks and noses. Direct light exposure also makes the skin look older and highlights every little flaw. You also don’t want your family members to feel irritated because of all that intense light shining into their eyes.

The best way to get capture a photograph that looks bright and captivating is to find soft lighting, a shadier backdrop, and any time of the day when the sun isn’t emitting a harsh glare.

You will be surprised by the difference soft and bright lighting can make to a photograph. If you’re taking a family portrait during a sunset, observe the backlight entering your sensor.

For the backdrop, we recommend outdoor shots with many natural rustic elements. A family portrait in a home setting will also look natural and heartwarming since the family will feel comfortable and right at home.

Keeping Your Clients Engaged

Posing for a professional photograph is not easy, and your clients might even feel a bit awkward and want it to be over. This will affect the quality of your photograph, and the picture might look forced and awkward.

This is why you must keep your family members engaged in cheerful conversations and take the extra steps to ensure they’re enjoying their time.

Try to play and talk with the kids, start a conversation with the adults, ask them about their life, and encourage them to tell you their favorite life stories. Avoid talking about stressful and serious subjects like politics and their job situation.

Also, notice for signs if any member of your family feels even a tad bit uncomfortable in a pose. Let them know that they are in charge and can pose however they feel comfortable.

Once the family members are laughing and talking, you are likely to capture more intimate and personal feelings in the photograph, making it seem magical and beautiful.

Adding a Personal Touch

For your picture to exude raw emotion, it’s essential to encourage the family to pose to enhance the family’s interaction.

For example, a kid wants to be held in their mother’s arms? Customize your poses with the baby in the mother’s arms. Photographing a large family? Have the taller people sit on chairs and have the shorter people in standing positions so everyone’s faces can be seen.

Capturing a Christmas-card-worthy family portrait is not an easy job. If you need an expert’s advice, why not reach out to professional photographers?

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