The Complete Guide on How to Bag Hospitality Jobs in 2023

People are beginning to invest more in tourism as the economy of our nation strengthens, which is helping Hospitality Jobs. More hotels are available than ever, planes are overbooked, and the state of technology is contributing to the problem. Professionals are in high demand, and you can easily land your desired job as soon as you graduate. Here is a list of the best positions you can obtain as a recent graduate after earning your degree in hospitality. From these positions, you can begin your ascent and progress to the top.

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Event Manager: 

The post that is currently the most accessible is this one. You can join small companies, land a job at a reputable company, or launch your own independent business. The need for event managers is growing, whether it is for business events like launching new products or announcing ideas or for private occasions like weddings or birthday celebrations. With a hospitality degree from the proper university, you may start your career off on the best foot possible and earn an unlimited amount of money. You’ll be in charge of organizing and running the entire event. The position will become more managerial as you advance frequently and will require you to lead a team. Since event planners are currently needed in practically all businesses, this profile is not limited to any one field.
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Travel Manager:

Consumer engagement will be a part of your task. You’ll need to create itineraries, handle reservations for lodging and transportation, inform clients of the day and time, and so forth. People may occasionally get in touch with you only to ask about travel options for a destination they want to visit. So, learning about different areas will also be a part of your job description.

Cabin crew or flight attendant:

When you finish your air hostess training, the aviation sector is the most popular choice. Being a cabin crew member is undoubtedly one of the most fulfilling occupations ever. That is not to say that you can’t get another career in the hospitality industry with your degree, though. Your salary is significantly greater than that of any other profile, you travel a lot and don’t sit at a desk, and the only skills you’ll ever need to advance in a company are those related to hospitality. In other words, the ideal job is waiting for you after graduation. An air hostess earns more money than the cabin crew.


Sommeliers are employed by high-end restaurants and hotels as in-house wine specialists who serve and recommend the kind of wine that pairs the best with the customer’s meal order, despite how sophisticated the job title may sound. For those who wish to hold the title of sommelier, extensive training and certificates are required.

Front desk employees at hotels:

This is where you can advance to the position of a hotel manager in the hospitality business. Being a front-end employee is the best place to start as the top position will demand experience. You can apply for a position as a bellhop or as a hotel clerk. If you have a degree from an approved institution, you can potentially find work as a trainee or an assistant. When you become a manager, your salary jumps to approximately three times what it was when you started. Regular duties include looking after the hotel’s visitors, handling reservations, educating them about the hotel’s amenities, and much more. You can take care of the restaurant area, the front desk, or any other unique service the hotel may offer.

Executive Chef:

Executive chefs are in charge of managing all aspects of the kitchen operations in hotels and restaurants, including supervising the work of the kitchen staff, guaranteeing impeccable food quality, and developing the food and drink menu. Instead of formal education, prospective candidates must have prior cooking experience.

Casino Director:

To ensure efficient operations, Casino Directors are in charge of keeping an eye on players, staff members, and gaming equipment. Additionally, they are in charge of the hiring procedure, corporate profitability, and legal compliance. You need a bachelor’s degree and five to seven years of relevant job experience in order to become a casino manager.

Food and Beverage Manager:

Directors of food and beverage operations are in charge of overseeing inventories, spending, and product costs, just like executive chefs are. Additionally, they collaborate closely with recruiters to select and prepare candidates. For this employment, you must have a business or hospitality management degree.

The Bottom Line

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