the common reflections that we’ve got with all the forces in Corbeil-Essonnes

2022 World Cup: coach Walid Regragui “has forever been a leader”, reacts a childhood friend when Morocco qualified for the semi-finals
The Moroccan team qualified for the semi-finals of the 2022 World Cup on Saturday by beating the European nation. associate degree African team joins the last four of a World Cup for the primary time in history. The Moroccans can face France on Wed.
Morocco coach Walid Regragui “has forever been a leader, a natural leader WHO has semiconductor diode United States of America to success”, reacted Saturday, Gregorian calendar month ten on franceinfo his childhood friend Azdine Luis, president of the association Detection accompaniment soccer (DAF ) in Corbeil-Essonnes, division referee and specialized pedagogue, when the qualification of the Atlas Lions for the semi-finals of the soccer World Cup. Walid Regragui “brings back hope to several citizens”, believes Azdine Luis. The pedagogue stresses that the coach “wants to interpret the stereotypes and prejudices we’ve got concerning Africa”. He still sees in Morocco’s qualification “the ending of amateur football”.

franceinfo: however does one expertise this ending for Morocco?

Aldine Luis: it’s tough to answer with of these scenes of jubilation that square measure perennial within the districts of town, in Corbeil-Essonnes, however conjointly altogether the suburbs. Songs, cries, pink dinghies. Frankly, we do not believe it. on the far side of the Moroccan success, it’s conjointly an ending for the Arab world, the Muslim, and the African world. In France, this ending for Morocco is the ending of inhabitation, of fraternity, of diversity, of love, of the guts, and of the youngsters of the Republic, of all its fringes. Today, we tend to board a harmful climate, with of these issues that we will encounter nowadays in France. But today, Walid dextrously symbolizes inventive genius. It revives hope in many voters whom it makes happy. however, that’s Walid Regragui.

Since the age of 10, we’ve got lived alone in the town of Montconseil in Corbeil-Essonnes. And Walid, since he was very little, he sends back unifying components. He has forever managed to form a team dynamic. after we compete, once I was a child, he was forever captain. For one purpose, we would have liked a center as a result we tend to solely have a tiny low space. it had been the WHO mobilized the United States of America, WHO galvanized the United States of America to travel right down to the government building to make a center. He was forever a leader, a natural leader WHO semiconductor diode United States of America to success in any respect level.

Have you been able to speak with Walid Regragui since the beginning of the competition concerning what he feels, and what he’s going through?

Yes, we swapped. He forever incorporates a moment of handiness for the United States of America. He tells the United States of America to dream. we’ve got the correct to dream. what’s happening with Morocco is what will happen each day in our daily lives. you have got to point out abnegation, perseverance, and pugnacity. he’s somebody WHO has forever been a mobilizer of all living forces. And there, today, he’s conjointly talking concerning the question of Africa. For him, it’s extremely one thing vital. He desires to interpret a bit the stereotypes and prejudices we’ve got concerning Africa. He desires to point out the full world and also the world of sport that Africa has assets and potential. And today, through this ending in a European nation, he retired Cristiano Ronaldo.

Will you pay court to him in one method or another at Corbeil-Essonnes?

Absolutely. it’s already within the common reflections that we’ve got with all the forces in Corbeil-Essonnes, particularly with the associative cloth that is extremely wealthy. after all, we’ll pay tribute to him. we tend to square measure already operating with native artists to form a fresco on an outsized building in Montconseil in Corbeil-Essonnes, in his home district. And particularly a reception with all the childhood friends, all the sections of the population, the volunteers, the oldsters, all the lovers of amateur soccer. as a result of this ending is additionally the ending of amateur soccer.