The Common Causes and Treatments for Chronic Tailbone and Hip Pain

Did you know that most of the top 10 reasons for disability have something to do with chronic pain?

It can be extremely hard to live a fruitful life with constant agony. Even just getting through the day can be its own achievement.

Are you wondering what you can do to alleviate certain types of chronic pain? Keep reading to learn all about the common causes and treatments of chronic tailbone and hip pain.

Causes of Hip Pain

When it comes to hip pain causes, there are many possibilities, including fractures, hip flexor strain, osteoarthritis, infections, bone cancer, and more.

If your hip pain is coupled with an inability walk, bruising, bleeding, or swelling, then it’s important to see a doctor as soon as possible. Some causes of hip pain can give you fever too, which is another symptom that suggests a life-threatening condition.

Treating Hip Pain

If you’re wondering about your options for hip pain treatment, you can expect to get an X-ray before any official diagnosis. Based on the results of the X-ray and other testing, you may be put on medication. Other treatment possibilities include physical therapy and even surgery.

A doctor may suggest Prostatitis treatment as well.

You’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of options for prevention and self-care, such as eating healthy, exercising safely, wearing comfortable shoes, and much more.

Causes of Tail Bone Pain

There are multiple coccydynia causes, which is the technical word for persistent tail bone pain. It’s possible to get tailbone pain when sitting for long periods of time, especially if you’re sitting on a hard surface. People who suffer from obesity will often experience tail bone pain, and usually the pain is more severe too.

If the tail bone has worn down due to age or repetitive motion, this can also contribute to the presence of pain.

You may be surprised to know that women who have given birth are more likely to suffer from coccydynia than others.

Treating Tail Bone Pain

If the tail bone pain is due to obesity, then you can address the pain by losing weight over time. The best way is to adopt a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

The worst-case scenario is that a sharp pain in the tailbone is caused by a tumor or even an infection. These health issues can be treated through radiation or antibiotics, respectively. It’s best to get a professional diagnosis and treatment plan from a doctor.

Ready to Treat Your Tailbone and Hip Pain?

Now that you’ve learned about the common causes and treatments of chronic tailbone and hip pain, you can begin a journey toward a more comfortable and pleasant lifestyle. No one should have to suffer through constant, uncontrollable pain.

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