This week we have found one more reason to enjoy a good coffee in the break from the working day. According to it has been found that consumption of coffee not only brings benefits for physical health, such as decreasing the risk of serious diseases such as diabetes, dementia and heart problems, but also generates Effects that are positive for labour productivity, since it increases concentration and reduces fatigue.

The main component of coffee, caffeine, directly influences the nervous system, causing an increase in mental capacity and perception. In addition, it considerably improves response time and short-term memory, sufficient reasons for its presence in a company to be essential.

The prominence of coffee beans in companies

According to a survey carried out by a well-known market consultant, 8 out of 10 employees who have free coffee in their companies show higher levels of performance, given that their consumption represents an energy boost for many. especially, in cases when office hours are for very long periods.

Creating a more pleasant work environment contributes to the well-being of employees and of this, more and more awareness is being created in the business sector. That is why in the case of Spain, just to give an example, 75% of workers havefree or low-cost coffee for companies, since it is a highly valued measure that generates work empathy and a good mood of job.

The most valued attribute in coffee is its flavour, therefore, among the great variety that exists, more people opt for the presentation of beans, this is because if the coffee is ground before preparing it, it will preserve all its aroma, all the flavour and nuances that the product has by nature will be extracted.

Proof that the taste of coffee is very important is that currently, SMEs are becoming aware of this issue, as well as responsible consumption, for this reason, they are implementing more and more machines that grind coffee beans directly, to provide a more exquisite coffee and to avoid generating waste in this way, as is usually the case with coffee capsules.

The brand will always make a difference

Just as the taste of coffee is an important attribute, so is the brand, of which there is a large number, both locally and internationally, each with very particular characteristics that differentiate them from the others. 

In this sense, when companies talk about taking care of their employees, they understand that the quality of the coffee also matters and this is not a mere assumption. A survey conducted on the subject indicated that companies prefer to buy brandedcoffee because they know that their employees will value it. So always consider a good name to purchase the best automatic espresso machine for your employees or coworkers or even visitors.

Pros and cons of work breaks

The work break has many benefits for both employees and companies, in fact, in countries so admired for their production model such as Sweden, where this moment is called “Fika”, it is required in many of their corporations. However, there are certain circumstances in which the pause considerably affects the development of the labour and economic functions of the companies.

Taking a break every hour and a half or two hours, and being able to drink coffee for the office helps to resume work with much more attention, causes colleagues to relate, share moments and if it is well managed, it will generate a better work environment.  

However, it also happens that some workers who do not show a behaviour of commitment concerning the company where they work, many times, find at the moment of the break a practice to dedicate less time to their functions.

For this reason, for some companies, these breaks to have a coffee, have a cigarette or have a sandwich for lunch, come to have a very significant cost of hours lost andare difficult to control.

In addition to that, there is the fact that a small accident can happen at any time of the day, sometimes on the way to work, but also in the minutes of rest in the cafeteria.

An injury suffered by an employee who falls when leaving work during the coffee break, according to what the Supreme Court recognizes in a judgment of December 13, 2018, will be considered a work accident, for which the company must respond., which would generate a productive loss and an economic loss for the organization.