The Christmas Toys to Buy Before They Sell Out

Santa is the only one who really knows what will be popular at Christmas in 2022, but we’ve done a lot of research to help you find the toys, games, and gadgets that are sure to be a hit. No matter what kind of things your child likes, you’ll find a lot of great Christmas gift ideas on our list of the most popular toys this year.

Pop It

Plastic Light Up Pop It Pro bubbles are so fun to squash. I can see why fidget spinners have become so popular. But now there’s a new twist on this trend: it’s a light-up game. To play along, just press the patterns that light up. The Light Up Pop It Pro is a great toy for kids to have in the car or on an airplane, or just to have around to keep them busy. For more Pop It, please visit Pop It Buy.

Mystery Box of Squishmallows

What could be better than a single Squishmallow? There are three. Kids still love these fat stuffed animals a lot. (Adults agree, because Squishmallows won the 2022 Toy of the Year award from the Toy Association.) This gift has both cute toys and a surprise inside, so it will be a holiday highlight to open this mystery box. Inside the box are three plush toys that are 8 inches long and are a surprise.

Lego Marvel I Am Groot set

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 from Marvel Studios introduced Baby Groot, who quickly became a fan favorite. Fans of the movie will love this 476-piece Lego set that lets you build a model of Groot that you can move around. The set has pieces for a Groot that is over 10 inches tall and a fake cassette tape. It is best for kids ages 10 and up.

Barbie Dreamhouse

In honor of 60 years of Barbie’s Dreamhouse, Mattel worked with Habitat for Humanity to build 60 homes around the world. And now you can get Barbie’s plastic house from the year 2022. The 43-inch-tall Dreamhouse has three floors and 10 places to live, including a grass and pool area that can be moved. It comes with 70 pieces of furniture, lights, and sounds.

Little Live Pets Mama Surprise

You don’t want to put a real animal under the tree? You can play Little Live Pets. The brand’s new Mama Surprise guinea pig set comes with a soft, moveable mother guinea pig and a hutch where three babies will appear. Note: An adult needs to set up the hutch so that the “birth” surprise can be felt by the kids. Mama can make and react to more than 20 sounds, and the set comes with accessories for your new pets.

Electric guitar

This play guitar is a great present. There are four ways to play that preschoolers and even older kids will enjoy: Play with the band, solo jam, free play, or any song (using Bluetooth). You can sync with any Bluetooth-enabled device to play your child’s favorite songs. Baby Shark, anyone? We love that the guitar looks real and that the packaging can be used again. Plus: Parents can control how loud it is.

OLED Screen Nintendo Switch

This is expensive, but you should put it on your list of holiday gifts. People love Nintendo Switch game consoles. So, if your kid doesn’t have a Switch, you can get them Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Mario Kart, Zelda, Just Dance, or any other game they like that will keep them busy for hours.

The screen on the new OLED model is sharper and bigger than the screen on the old model. The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are more expensive and not as good for younger kids as the Switch. We love that we can play the Switch on the TV or on the go.

Mini Pool Table

With a mini pool table, you can play pool at home even if you don’t have much space. Even though portable pool tables can be folded up and put away quickly, you still need a lot of room to set them up. The best mini pool table is not only small and easy to carry, but it also feels like a real pool table. They’re a great way to teach kids how to play, and they’re easy to put away when not in use. To get this mini pool table, visit this website