The Best School Communication System? | The Catapult Connect App is your ticket to building a school communication system that students will love

Catapult Connect is the ultimate school communication system. Our integrated system provides a variety of communication pathways to keep everyone informed and connected. Send voice, email, text, social media updates, website notifications, push alerts, and more straight to your phone with our user-friendly platform. Keep your school community up to date on everything that’s going on by signing up for Catapult Connect now! Don’t miss a thing – join up for Catapult Connect right away!

Three-Steps to a Successful School Communication System

Your school’s communication system is simple to use and allows you to stay in touch with your school community any time, anyplace. Simply follow these three steps:

Create Your Message

Catapult Connect is an intelligent school notification system that allows you to reach your school community members through a variety of communication methods. In one integrated solution, you may send voice, email, text messages, social media messages, website updates, push notifications, announcement information, and more.

Choose your target recipients

To guarantee that your school communication strategy is smooth, recipients are pre-loaded from your Student Information System – add specific recipients as required. To reach your audience, use data-based searches, translation, and other criteria.

Send immediately or schedule time & date

A good school communication system should be adaptable. You may send your message immediately or schedule it to go out at a certain date and time once you’ve composed it. Parents may personalize their delivery preferences to guarantee that their communications are always welcome.

  • Website Pop Up Alert
  • Voice
  • Email
  • Text
  • Social Media
  • App


Catapult Connect is our communication system’s connector product, the link between our comprehensive range of Integrated Communication Solutions. It works with Catapult CMS websites, Catapult EMS crisis management, and the Catatton Branded App to provide a seamless integration.


What Is The School Communication System And How Does It Work? Catapult Connect is more than a “parent teacher communication system.” You may easily interact with your school community members via the simple dashboard. What’s nice is that Catapult CMS works well with our K12 CMS, K12 school emergency notification solution, and, of course, our branded K12 APP.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A School Mass Notification System? It’s simple. You may quickly and simply contact neighboring community members using easy-to-use software with a school notification system. Using a school mass notification system allows you to develop the ideal school communication strategy while also saving time and improving communication.

What channels are open to me for getting my message out? You might utilize voice calls, email, text messages, social media posts, website postings, push notifications, news updates, and more in these school-parent communications applications. Catapult Connect supports the most popular school communication platforms.

How Often Do I Receive School Notifications? You are notified each time someone attempts to contact you through the Catapult connect school communication system. You may quickly join or leave any lists, as well as turn on or shut off push notifications and website pop-up alerts. You can also fine-tune your notification preferences. We feel that such school-parent communication applications should not be overly complicated to use.

Is There A Surefire Way To Reach My School Community From My Cell Phone? Catapult Connect is a straightforward application to use. Open the Catapult Connect app, select your communication channel, and then decide whether to send your message right away or later. Your Student Information System may be pre-populated; you can also easily add personalized recipients.

Is It Possible To Filter Recipients When Using Catapult’s School Mass Notification System? Yes, you can with Catapult’s school mass notification system. Because the recipients are pulled from your Student Information System, you may easily add particular people. Data-based queries, translation, and other filters may be used to target your audience.

Is It Safe To Use A Mass School Notification System? Is it possible to use school communication applications without putting your personal data at risk? You may trust that your personal information is secure when you utilize Catapult Connect’s school notification system.

Is it possible to use the Mass Communication School System of Catapult on my personal computer? Typically, such school communication systems are only designed for cell phones. You may utilize Catapult Connect on a desktop PC. Is there a school notification system available on both iOS and Android? Yes, there is.

Why Is It Important to Use Communication Apps for Schools

To summarize, effective school communication technology allows you to connect with your school community more readily and get access to key school statistics right away. It also aids in the planning and execution of an effective school communication strategy. One of the reasons why using educational communication applications is so advantageous is because it enables you to do so much more than simply send a text message or make a phone call.

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