The Billance first registration activity has massive success and the deposited rate up to 36.62%

So, our Billance Welcome Offer event turned out to be a fantastic success. With great pride and an increased sense of responsibility, to our dedicated and committed, early members, of the Billance family and community. We would like to share a short but interesting summary, of the key points and milestones, that were achieved during our event and they are as follows;

  1. The number of registrants during the event, reached in excess of a staggering, 50,000 in USDT… 🚀
  1. The number of bonus that were actually issued, in the event, topped an amazing 30,000… 🚀
  1. The amount of bonus, that were actually issued, in the event, reached in access of an eye watering, 1,200,000 USDT… 🚀
  1. The actual trading volume, from a grant perspective, again reached in excess of 50,000,000 USDT… 🚀
  1. The actual, number of top ups, that happened after using the bonus,  again exceeded a very interesting, 36.62%… 🚀
  1. The registered countries involved in the distribution of the whole event, reached in excess of 10 countries. Which was, way more than initially anticipated… 🚀

As can be seem from the results of our Billance Welcome Offer event, we have achieved far more than, even we had, initially anticipated. This is all down to the dedication and commitment from our Community, whome we want to tank from the bottom of our hearts. We want to make a promise, to keep our community, to keep them at the forefront and heart of all we do…

Additional, you can also follow Billance Earn events which enable you can deposit and withdraw money in anytime and anywhere with high-security strategy.

Thank you,

Billance Team.