The biggest pitfalls to avoid when buying a new home

Hunting for a new home can be an incredibly exciting time, yet it also brings many challenges and pitfalls alongside it. If you are currently in the throes of house hunting, read on for some of the biggest pitfalls you’ll want to avoid. We don’t want to go into this process thinking negatively, but being aware can help you save time and money in the long run.

It can be difficult when you fall head over heels for your dream home to think about it critically. But bear in mind, that the property might not be as perfect as it first seems.

Look past the decor.

The decor is easily changed, and whatever home you buy, you’re going to want to put your own spin on it and update it to match your tastes, so there is no point at all being swayed by design. Look past the interior, and instead, look for…

Faulty electrics or old-fashioned fittings

Check all of the electrical fittings. Old wiring can be extremely dangerous. Look out for signs of wear and tear that comes with age on the fuse board and the sockets. You may choose to think about re-wiring the whole house to replace old electrics, though this is an expensive undertaking, and you’ll want to be sure it won’t break the bank.

Roofing issues

A strong roof is so important as it protects your home from the elements, However, checking a roof can be tricky. Start by checking for loose tiles, blocked or shabby guttering, and plant growth. If you have any doubts about the quality of the roof, consider hiring a roofing contractor to assess any current damage, as well as look at ways to future-proof your roof.

The neighborhood

To ensure the neighborhood you’ve chosen is right for you, it’s a good idea to check it out at several different times during the day. It might seem idyllic in the morning, but become congested and noisy around rush hour. You won’t regret spending a little extra time to make sure it’s perfect.

Multiple viewings also give you a better chance of meeting your future neighbors. While you don’t need to become best friends, it’s comforting to find out they’re not loud, messy, and have a similar lifestyle to your own.

Nature surrounding the property

At first, a home surrounded by beautiful, big, old trees may seem perfect, but before you start imagining a swinging tire in the backyard, it’s worth considering the problems that could arise. Large roots can cause structural damage to your home, and if a tree’s roots are too deep, it may be impossible to remove. Therefore, the trees or plants surrounding your building could just be a ticking time bomb for structural issues.

None of these issues should put you off when buying a new home, though they do need to be seriously considered. Sometimes it’ll be worth spending the money in one area, though if your potential home has two or more of these pitfalls, you may want to steer clear.