The Better Way than Subscribing WSJ on Amazon

The Wall Street Journal is often considered to be one of the institutions of journalism. The Journal brought its first edition more than 130 years ago, people have been reading it to get unbiased news and insights into the world affairs in general. So, how can you get access to the WSJ online? One of the most popular ways is to get WSJ Amazon. There are many advantages and disadvantages of doing that, though. So, before we look at the better way to get WSJ subscription, let us take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of getting WSJ on Amazon.

One of the biggest advantages of getting WSJ subscription on Amazon is that it is fast and convenient. To get Wall Street Journal Subscription, you would just need to log in to your Amazon account and search simply search for WSJ subscription and you would get the link to the product. You would need to pay online and then your subscription would be activated. After you get the subscription, you would be able to manage your subscriptions right from the Amazon memberships and subscriptions center. On Amazon, you would get subscription to the digital edition of the paper only. This allows you to read the news on your phone, tablet, laptop or your desktop computer. The edition is also compatible for Apple, Windows, and Android devices. So, if you are looking to read news on the go, then this is the right option for you. So, whether you are in the subway or waiting in line to get your lunch, you can read the news with ease.

There are a few disadvantages as well. For example, one of the biggest disadvantages of subscribing to WSJ Amazon is that you don’t get to read the print edition. A lot of people still prefer the old school ways, then the print edition is something that you need. It is also important that you realize that the cost of getting Wall Street Journal subscription is quite high. You would have a tough time finding a good deal that saves you money. Most of the times, you don’t get practically any discount on Amazon. If you do manage to get one, it is quite meagre to save you a good deal of money.

So, is there a better wat than getting WSJ Amazon? Yes, there is. You can always subscribe to WSJ with the help of online newspaper subscription websites. These websites don’t have any connection with the newspaper. You can subscribe to both the print and digital editions with the help of these websites. The prices are also significantly less. So, this makes it a great option for you So, don’t wait longer? Log on today and get the best deals on Wall Street Journal Subscription at lower prices.