The Best YouTube Makeup Artists You Need to Check Out

YouTube has everything from how to pick a blue chair to how to build a house. There’s no surprise there are tons of YouTube makeup artists producing videos almost every day. It doesn’t matter what your style, aesthetic, or color preference is, you can find a makeup tutorial for it.

Anyone could easily get lost down the rabbit hole of beauty gurus on YouTube. There’s  an endless number of them. If you are looking to follow some YouTube makeup artists who can help you get ready every day, then you’re at the right place. 

We have made this list of YouTube makeup artists that are diverse, and create entertaining and engaging content. You can learn a lot of makeup hacks and tricks from them and listen to them telling funny or serious life stories as well. 

Top 4 YouTube Make Artists Every Beauty Enthusiast Should Watch

The following YouTube makeup artists do a lot more than just doing makeup. Most of them guide their viewers which beauty and personal care would be great for them and which ones they should avoid as well. So you get everything that you need about makeup and self-care by following them! 

  1. James Charles

Hey Sisters!” is more than just a phrase now. 

The opening phrase of the world’s favorite 21-year-old makeup artist has gotten more popular over the years. His signature style, creativity, and entertaining personality is a complete package. 

He has glammed-up many stars like Kim Kardashian, Kesha, Iggy Azalea, Kylie Jenner and a lot of celebrities on his YouTube channels. He regularly posts diverse content that you can never get bored with. From everyday makeup tips and tutorials to a full glam look, you can take inspiration from him for anything. 

Here is famous makeup artist channel: James Charles’ YouTube channel!

  1. Nikkie de Jager (NikkieTutorials)

Nikkie de Jager, known as Nikkie Tutorials, is one of the biggest makeup artists on YouTube. 

The easiest way to describe is that she is an extremely creative individual with a bubbly, fun, and entertaining personality. You can binge watch her videos for hours and never get bored with them. Her style is unique. She has featured many celebrities on her YouTube such as Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian and a lot more. 

She has her own makeup line as well, which we may say is of supreme quality. You can check her out for daily makeup tips on how you can get glammed up every day without much effort. 

  1. Zoe Sugg (Zoella)

A vlogger, beauty guru, and an extremely entertaining person, she is full of life, style and humor. 

Zoella is one of the OG YouTube makeup artists that created content which was valuable and truly enjoyable for all the viewers. She shares insights about makeup, talks about her everyday life things through her vlogs. 

If you want to have a good laugh while learning to do your make up then make sure to check out her YouTube Channel.

Unfortunately, Zoe Sugg quit YouTube a while ago and doesn’t upload anymore but all of the videos on her feed are extremely fun to watch that you can re-watch many times without getting bored at all. You can check out her website and her books as well. 

  1. Hyram (Skincare by Hyram)

2020 was a great year for many influencers including Hyram. His talent got recognized by millions of people and he got all the hype he deserved. 

Hyram is mainly known for his skincare tutorials and honest, straightforward reviews on them. He talks about harmful ingredients in skincare products and warns how it could damage anyone’s skin.

So if you’re eager to learn about skincare products in depth then you should definitely check out Hyram’s YouTube channel as soon as possible. He recently revealed his own brand “Selfless by Hyram ” and considering his expertise regarding skincare, we are sure that it is going to feel great on skin. 

Why Left Out Some Well-Known Names?

We have ended our list of top YouTube makeup artists. You may be wondering why we didn’t add people like Jeffree Star or Nikita Dragun here. 

To end your confusion, we would like to clear this out that both of them used to be extremely great beauty Gurus, but as the time has passed, both of them have turned into business moguls. Jeffree Star is currently the richest YouTuber ever. On the other hand, Nikita Dragun is more of an entertainer now rather than a makeup artist. Her content revolves around music videos, vlogs, skits, and fun videos with her friends. 

Finishing Touch

Whether you’re into glam ups, drag makeup, natural looks, or just skincare, these are a few of the best makeup artists that you should watch! 

You will surely find some other great makeup artists on your own as well as you go deep into the makeup side of YouTube.

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