The Best Xbox Games of All Time

Playing video games specially in the 21st century has become the most favorite activity of our kids. I do not blame the kids for getting so involved in these digital video games, because other social activities are quite boring as compared to the video games. 

Whatever the reasons are for the increasing demand of video games, I will only consider some of the bets games which you can enjoy on your beloved Xbox. I am compelled to use the word beloved because I can reckon the importance of games in the coming time. 

People are no more social and thinking about random things is quite dangerous for mental health of a lot of people. Thus, playing games can be a life saver. Moreover, I believe that people tend to endorse the video games. 

Xbox is a video game brand manufactured and owned by Microsoft. Thus, you will have to make a Microsoft account before starting. 

Now, there are various versions of Xbox, which, which means that you can choose from various gaming experiences now. 

Another amazing thing about Xbox which most of the adults will love is the online connections. You can download games buy them and share games with your favorite friends living in other corners of the world. 

In this article I have explained some best games of Xbox, which can entertain you in your free time. 

Apex Legends 

Apex legend is an arcade game having various missions. This game was developed by the renowned Respawn entertainment. You will have to create a group. Select a mission and you are ready to play. 

The most amazing things about apex legend is the specific character of each player, unlike fortnite, you will not be playing for your team in the same manner, in fact you will have to select from the available roles.  Read more at

Assassin’s Creed 

This game can take you to the Greek world, and if you have got a big screen for playing Xbox games then you can feel the historical events that might have happened in the ancient Greek. 

You will have to select various characters and like many other adventure games you will be playing for your team, fighting and finding the hidden mysteries. 


If you want to relive the world war one then this is the game to play, the best thing about Xbox is the realistic experience you won’t be feeling as if you are playing a video game. 

This game is based on real life events, you will have to save and fight for your people. 


This game is specifically designed for those who love to loot and plan adventure games. You can plan a fight according to your earnings, it is a bigger version of clash of clan, but with more detailed pixels. 

The first two parts of the games are quite unique and interesting but the borderland three has not got much to offer. Once you have played the first two versions you may not like the third part. 

Call of Duty 

If you are looking for adventure, real life animations and some horrifying challenges such as zombies then this game is for you. 

Unlike other old games, it has got some new weapons of the modern age. So, you may check the changes in the new world. 


It was the renewal of some movies. The soundtracks are very touchy and captivating. You cannot downsize such a game. 

This game is specifically designed for teens and kids, but it has got some very hard challenges which are very difficult for even some adults.  Read about


The gaming art is no less than fiction movies, if you want to see some very attractive and alluring phoenix and other fiction characters then dauntless is the game for you. 

Your game is quite simple to organize, you will have to select a quest and play accordingly. You must make sure that you have got enough coins before getting into some severe trouble. 

It is a free to play title, unlike most Xbox games you can play this game for free and without any kind of subscription for upgrading, however you may need to download it for some bucks.